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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Disney, Warner, Sony and Nickelodeon artist and animators to host the ICON Manila 2014: Entertainment and design conference in SMX this July 3, 2014

A band of professional animators, concept designers, visual developers, character designers, art directors, and 3D animators who are working from different international animation studios and film outfit like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon and etc. the people behind the big animated movies will be here in Manila, Philippines for ICON Manila 2014, its an international design conference that will launch for the 1st time in our city on July 3, 2014 in SMX Convention Center in SM MOA. 6 artist from ICON Manila team will fly here to host a paid conference all about designing, animation, drawing and many more.

According to their event details, their target audience are professionals and students in the
entertainment design industry that includes animation, film, games, advertising, fine arts and all other groups that has an interest in this field.

ICON Manila
JULY 3rd, 2014 9am-6pm
Facebook page:

Watch the promo video

here are the list of speakers

icon 1icon 2

and here’s the conference price
icon price
If you want to know some discounts, I suggest you visit their website and see some discount offers while its early.

At the lunch press con, I met our pinoy animator and artist – Armand Serrano, he works now in Walt Disney Animation Studios and formerly an animator and artist at Fil-Cartoons. He said that after he migrated in the US around the 90’s, it was a big challenge for him to start over to work in an animation studio in the US, he always submit lots of test artwork and continues to attend some workshops, because the style being done in the Philippines are not the same style done in the US, and after some trials, he got some luck that he was picked to join Disney, he said that he got hired because of not about his styles, or how fast he can draw, but its about how it was presented, and all of those skills were learned back then when he attended an animation conference conducted by some Disney artist.

Armand said that ICON Manila will be like the conference he attended, the difference is that he is now the lecturer and we are the new students. Its time to give back, Armand said during my one on one chat over coffee, he wants to teach our Filipino artist and future animators to learn how they can work in a top of the line animation studio using new effective techniques in design and animation, he said that in Disney, its different, not the usual concepts and presentation, its more different and it’s the Disney way. I asked him if Disney allowed them to teach in a conference, but Armand said that Disney already showed some support from the past conference he was invited to talk,and for this conference they are just waiting for more support not only from Disney,but also from other studios.

I learned that the ICON Manila was formed and founded by Sam Tanner, he is a pastor in California. The ICON Manila 2014 is also a fund raising event, one of their beneficiary is the #YolandaPH, their series of fund raising event are focusing on animation conference like the ICON Manila 2014, its their agenda to give humanitarian aid for the needy

I also learned from Armand that they don’t have any backers to support their travel, he said that they used their own money to travel here for the promotion of ICON Manila 2014, but he said that they have now some event sponsors who are now helping them lessen the expense to travel.

I went to Armand Serrano’s blog and I saw some of his artworks /

Also, Its awesome to meet an animation artist who blogs and post about his own production notes.
I also learned that he sell some prints of his original artwork online and then proceeds will be donated to #YolandaPH , check out the store here at!store/c1w90

It was a short talk with Armand Serrano that day, I just wished that we have more time to talk more about their event, his life and work in animation. He went back to the US after the press con event.

Thanks to Armand for this print artwork.

and again…don’t forget.

ICON Manila

JULY 3rd, 2014 9am-6pm
Facebook page:

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