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Monday, April 21, 2014

I’m going to the 4th Bulihan Festival 2014 in Sampaloc, Quezon province

I’m excited for this weekend because I’ll be in my home town province in Sampaloc, Quezon province for the annual fiesta, now dubbed as “Bulihan Festival” , formerly known as Sampalukin Festival or normally, Fiesta ng Sampaloc, Quezon. I’ve been going to the annual fiesta for many times during my youngling years, me and my entire family go here in Sampaloc, Quezon every year for the fiesta and clan reunions, but then when the time I aged to be an adult, being busy as a student and then busy as a freelancer, I stated to drift away from my hometown and just stayed here in Manila for work and projects.This year, I'm super excited to go back again, I will be there to attend the fiesta and also cover it for a travel magazine, and also cover it for my blog to help push some tourism promotion to our home town.

photo above: credits to my uncle Lito Deasis

My last time that I visited Sampaloc, Quezon is last 2009. I noticed that I visit our hometown after 3 or 5 years, and there are lots of surprises waiting for me there, my last visit last 2009 makes me realized that the town is slowly upgrading it self, after having a nice mobile signal years ago, today we already have mobile internet signal. Back then, electricity and water supply is a big problem, for this year, I expect that all are upgraded and okay. Sampaloc,Quezon is where my mom was born and while dad is in Tayabas, Quezon, and me…where I stayed during my toddler years, taken care by my Lola Epang and Lolo Pedring.

before I throw in the details about the Bulihan Festival, let me share some photos from my 2006 and 2009 town fiesta.

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My view on the way to Sampaloc, Quezon, it’s a town right after Lucban and before Mauban.

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The old signage going to Sampaloc, Quezon, the other sign goes to Luisiana, Laguna.

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Last 2009, I noticed that they are fixing the rough road going to Sampaloc, according to my relatives, the road is now complete and every can drive through the town with no hassle. With the rough road back then, travel time is around 1 hour, but with a complete cemented road, I think travel time will be 30-40 minutes.

In Sampaloc, Quezon town fiesta back in 2006 and 2009, there’s a parade of musical band marching in the main road.

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The fiesta is also celebrating the church’s patron St. Vincent Ferrer.

I always took a photo of this structure whenever I visit the town. I don’t even know what it is, all I know is that the building is formerly a post office and a pizza restaurant.

colorful banderitas

I giggle whenever I see these instant pick a prize games

Here’s a pick a prize game…pick a number and then check if the number designates to a prize item carried by the game vendor.

last 2006, I’ve met some old “kalaro” during my youngling years hahaha.

Sampaloc Church --- I heard that the church now is painted pink

The legendary Tumagay Street in Sampaloc, Quezon. Btw, I forgot to mention that our town folks are heavy drinkers of lambanog and beers.

photo op with the Sampaloc Hardware store, this place was used to be the only movie theater in Sampaloc, Quezon. I watched an action film here during the late 80’s.

The best food is also here in Sampaloc, Quezon…I’m a big fan of their local food..
always served every drinking sessions.


Kalderetang baka

Hardinera sa Llanera


Relyonong bangus..

there are lots of food being served during the fiesta, I don’t a detailed soft copy of it, but I will make sure to take many photos during my visit this week.

see you my yummy fave food -- pinais, kinulob, snail with coconut milk, carabao meat, sinigang na eel, chiffon cake, broas and many more hahaha.

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I marked my own plastic cup because I don’t like the “tagay” thing or sharing one glass to a group of people. Its laway galore!!

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Time to eat!!! I admit.. I always pig out whenever I’m in Sampaloc, Quezon.

One of the nature attraction that I know is the old Kakati river

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I swim here, dive here, jumped from that big rock, almost drown and bathe myself here before my circumcision session at nearby “koprahan” house. This river is very important to me…lots of picnics with family, friends and former love interest. hahahaha.

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Old hanging bridge in Sampaloc’s ilog area, now broken. I faced my first fear of heights here during my grade school time, I’m proud that I crossed this wooden shakey hanging bridge, I hope they reconstruct it and preserved it next time.

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Drinking session with cousins

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party party with relatives

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and more party party with balikbayan relatives hahahaha!

below is the press release of Sampaloc, Quezon’s 4th Bulihan Festival.

Sampaloc, Quezon: All set for the 4th Bulihan Festival

Spirits are high as residents of Sampaloc town in Quezon Province lay the groundwork for the 4th Bulihan Festival scheduled from April 23 to 26.

Now on its fourth year, the Bulihan Festival celebrates the ingenuity and expertise of Sampalukins—that's how residents of Sampaloc are called—in making products out of buri.

This is all thanks to Mayor Emmanuel S. Torres, who vigorously campaigned to highlight the Bulihan Festival. The town's amiable and friendly mayor said that the festival has been ongoing for many years now, but it was only in 2010 when he finally decided to give the local craftsmanship full blast promotion.

“This is something I want to highlight in our municipality: the importance of the Bulihan Festival. Through this festival, we give jobs to our residents, and we are able to promote tourism. There's so much fun and excitement here. I hope they will visit us soon. Discover Sampaloc now!'' Torres declared.

There is a full list of exciting activities at Sampaloc beginning on April 23 with the display of native delicacies in a program dubbed “Lutuing Sampalukin.” Fourteen barangays from Sampaloc are taking part in the food show.
On April 24, the Payas Contest will be held, wherein houses along the parade route are encouraged to decorate the exteriors of their homes with colorful buri and other indigenous materials. The theme for this year’s festivity is “Blooming Sampaloc,.' Forty-six houses are vying for cash prizes. The first prize will get P25,000, the second P20,000, and the third P15,000. Three special awards will receive P10,000, while 40 consolation prizes of P2,000 each will also be given out. Cultural shows and a display of products made of buri take centerstage during the festivity.

On April 25, the Paradang Bayan 2014 will take place, followed by the awarding of the Search for Natatanging Anak ng Sampaloc.

On April 26 comes the Lunesan sa Ilog Festival held on the Maapon River in Kakati, where residents will join in a boat race and hold picnics by the river.

The processing of raw materials used in making buri can be witnessed by visitors at Mahabang Tanaw in Barangay Taquico. The process involves steps such as pag-ak-ak, paglillang, boiling, drying, ayikoy, ayikid and minukmukan. Watching the process will be a learning experience for many travelers. Transforming buri into a a variety of products is a unique experience only available in Sampaloc. No other town in the Philippines can this experience be had.

Mayor Torres encouraged constituents to invite their friends from all over the country to join in the festival’s events. In promoting the fiesta, the local government has launched a homestay program where the residenst of Sampaloc “adopt” visitors for the duration of the event.

Want to experience Sampaloc, Quezon? Tour packages are available. For details, call Tina Poblete of the Sampaloc Municipal Planning and Development Office at (042) 555-83-42 and (042) 716-0011, or e-mail,, and Picture12 Picture9Picture3
*** photos from the press release
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