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Monday, April 21, 2014

Metrobank prepaid card– use it to shop online, withdraw cash or just swipe it to pay your grocery

A new card has been introduced to me few weeks ago, I’ve already seen this card before and I’m a bit surprised that Metrobank now offers a prepaid card, its like a debit card, you can load it with some cash and you can use it to pay for your shopping online or just swipe it at the cashier counter. The version of Metrobank is the best for today’s prepaid card, because you can also withdraw money from the ATM machine. You can bring this whenever you travel or want to shop around and do cashless payments over the counter or thru online shopping.

I haven’t tested the card to other payments like shopping online, but I know it will work because the Metrobank prepaid card acts also like a credit card, there’s a big difference from a debit card and a credit card, you can set yourself with a limit thru this prepaid card and also you can use it for shopping or pay your meal in a restaurant. This new card system brings more convenience to shoppers and also people who don’t want to carry a load of cash in their wallet.

Just use one card to rule them all.

You can visit their website at
for details on how you can apply for Metrobank prepaid card. There's a PHP100 fee for the card. The good part here is that the prepaid card has no maintaining balance.

or..just read the details below (info lifted from the website )

With the Metrobank Prepaid Card, you can budget for the family in 4 easy steps:
1. Get a personalized prepaid card for your family and household members in all Metrobank branches – instantly! Download the file here.
2. Load the card using Metrobankdirect online banking, Metrobank mobile banking, phone banking, ATM and at a branch.
3. Use this prepaid card in the following ways:
  • Access funds at 1,200 Metrobank ATMs, free of charge!
  • Transact at 11,000 Bancnet, Expressnet and Megalink ATMs nationwide and 1.6 million MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs in over 210 countries.
  • Use the card in 30.2 million MasterCard-affiliated establishments worldwide. Simply present the Metrobank Prepaid Card to the cashier for swiping.
4. Monitor balances 24/7 through Metrobankdirect online banking, Metrobank mobile banking, phone banking and ATM.
Stay on top of the family budget with Metrobank Prepaid Card! Get one now!

here’s the design of their prepaid card.. I edited and covered my prepaid card details for security.

bank of the Metrobank prepaid card.

I was in Toy Kingdom last week and I spotted this cute plastic wagon toy, I bought it that day and used my Metrobank prepaid card in purchasing the toy. The cashier lady just looked at my card and checked the logo of MasterCard.

I bought the toy item with no hassle and also no hassle of carrying more cash in my pocket.

I also tried withdrawing via Metrobank ATM machine

take note that if you withdraw some cash using some other bank ATM machine, expect for a PHP 25 transaction charge in every successful access to your card.

here’s my cash…withdrawn from the Metrobank prepaid card

And here’s my receipt… after the ATM withdrawal.

I like the new card of Metrobank, this will save me more time in buying and also no hassle in carrying too many cards in my wallet. I carry two kinds of cards from two banks, and I guess it will just end there. For this 2014, Metrobank prepaid card will be my primary card whenever I travel around the country, I never leave this card at home, for me it is now an important part of my lifestyle.

Next test online using the Metrobank prepaid card.

I will post an update here soon!
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