10 must try food in Wham! Burgers (my report after dining and researching)

Here’s my blog report after revisiting Wham! Burgers in SM Mall of Asia. Actually, I’m a customer of Wham! Burgers in the past, I always buy my burger from their 1st store in Robinsons Galeria and I also buy my take out meals from the BGC branch. But I learned that the 1st store is already closed and then the BGC is under renovation (not sure if its already closed too), the only Wham! Burgers left for me to visit is SM MOA, Katipunan, Shangri-La Edsa Plaza, Robinson's Midtown Mall, SM North Edsa (The Block), and in Molito (Alabang). Actually I didn’t even know that they have a branch in SM MOA. I always pass by infront of restaurant strips and I didn’t even noticed it. Now I know they have a branch there already and it’s the nearest to my location.

So what’s so special about Wham! Burgers? For me, I patronize their burger store because that I like the design of their 1st store in Robinsons Galeria, the hang those comic book superheroes posters and it’s a geeky haven for us back in the late 90’s and early 2000s. But that’s not all about Wham! Burgers, their specialty is that they prepare the beef burger patty fresh and it doesn’t come from the fridge. It means they prepared it freshly made for you once you order. And also burger is not added with MSG. (actually I didn’t know that in the first place, but I learned from it after doing some research online.

Here’s their store in SM MOA, I heard that Wham! Burgers will under go major facelift and redesign of their stores. I still suggest that they should go back to the geeky ambiance with superheroes posters hanging on the wall.

here’s a preview of their menu
check out the burgers!!!!

other food and drinks from Wham!


here’s the history of Wham! Burgers --- (I copied paste it na lang )

-- snips----
Back in 2000, there weren’t really too much options for something one may call an affordable legendary burger—one is left with a choice of either having a basic burger in a fast food or very expensive hotels for something fancy. This was then the beginning for good friends Tony Yap and Dondi Lazaro to profusely experiment for their own concoction, particularly Dondi who is a graduate of HRA at University of the Philippines. After several trials, all signs point to build their own burger brand especially when both of their friends and families gave their seal of approval with their unique recipe discovery.

Although the evolution of gourmet burger didn’t happen overnight, there was surely a good market for foodies who has grown weary of the typical offerings and go beyond the usual flavors but still affordable. Now, food lovers in the Philippines have long known that good quality burger is a must-have item in a casual-style restaurant.

Wham was near an instant hit in its first Quezon City branch for capturing the elements of what an outstanding burger should be: huge, hearty, and tucked with impeccably good beef. Celebrated for its never frozen patty perfection, the secret is also in its grilling equipment—a hybrid of electric and gas with pure charcoal on top. Cooking under the coals not only creates a savory, smoky flavor with an invitingly charred exterior, it rounds out an incomparable juicy texture in its strictly one third pound, certified no extender robust beef with 80-20 lean and fat. With its no short cuts, homemade-style formula that’s far from a typical fast food style or too expensive hotel burger, Wham is a bold version that sums up to affordable gourmet quality burger.

Prides itself for introducing a 100% Filipino burger brand with outstanding product and service, most people perceive that Wham is an international franchise. “The initial simplicity of the food and items inspired from my international travels very much worked. Along the way, we had to adapt to Filipino taste, like adding Spaghetti in the menu because kids loved it and wouldn’t eat anything else. And the major draw about our burger is how we cook our patty. We use the old-fashioned real charcoals”, Tony shares. While its standard speaks for the quality of the ingredients, Wham defied all expectations by introducing something far from a mundane category.

The colorful, comic-inspired interiors of the outlet is a welcoming surprise to the customers from the very beginning since it lends a fun, awe-inspiring vibe which eventually became the signature feel and look of of the stores. Interestingly, one of its flagship item “Kapow” was adopted from a comic scene to denote a sound effect.

With no bells and whistles or complicated ingredients such as MSG, Wham Burgers remain on top of mind when questing for a satisfying burger with real beef that one can taste. Another factor that gives this classic favorite a breed apart? Side choices such as potato or bite-sized chicken are satisfying and as flavorful as the mains which amps up the burger eating experience.
After Dondi and his family relocated to Ilocos, Wham officially became a family-owned business of Tony Yap with wife Camille, brother-in-laws Joby and Kiko with sister-in-law Liza. It was the then the beginning of its expansion, currently with five branches including its first-ever Katipunan QC, followed by Shangri-La Edsa Plaza, Robinsons Midtown Mall, SM North Edsa The Block, Molito Alabang and Mall of Asia.

With no bells and whistles or complicated ingredients such as MSG, Wham Burgers remain on top of mind when questing for an affordable quality burger with real beef that one can taste. Another factor that gives this classic favorite a breed apart? Side choices such as potato or bite-sized chicken are satisfying and as flavorful as the mains which amps up the burger eating experience.


To Tony and Dondi… thank you so much for bringing in a true local burger store here in our country.
Thanks to Vannah for re-introducing Wham! Burgers to me again, I super miss their burger, we should patronize their store because its all original pinoy!

here are my top 10 must try in Wham! Burgers
take note..I have tried and tasted these..kaya I recommend it.

1. Sliders Trio
Sliders Trio is the biggest burger slider ever!! In other resto I order these cute little burgers for my son, but here in Wham! Burgers, they are so big and its like a medium sized burgers, for a price of PHP250, you already enjoyed three kinds of Wham! Burgers best of burgers – Wham Burger, Wham Burger with Cheese and Wham Burger with bacons.

here’s a closer look of a Wham Burger slider.

2. Bronco Burger
It’s a 1/3 pound round beef patty with all beefy western style glory, inside the burger there’s cheese, crispy onion slices and bacon strips! A bite of this burger can make you remember the first thing you do in the morning hahaha.

3. Double Whammy burger
Its my favorite burger here in Wham! Burgers because it’s a gigantic burger monster fit for my appetite. There's 2 1/3 pount of round beef patty, all cooked in charcoal grill and topped with my face ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato. Its like the burger of the bachelors! I just can’t believe that I finished this in one sitting.

4. Onion Rings
Your burger adventure wont be complete without an onion rings. In every burger meal, I always prefer onion rings are my partner for my burger, not french fries or pasta, its just always onion rings. Here in Wham Burgers! they got a load of onion rings for the entire year.

5. Chicken Littles
Its Wham! Burgers version of chicken nuggets, but much more meaty and chewy.

6. Spaghetti French Fries (new!)
It’s a new addition to Wham! Burgers menu, the Spaghetti French Fries is a new food innovation from Wham! Burgers, instead of the plain o’ flavored french fries, they added some spaghetti meat sauce with topped cheese strips on top. The taste is good!! its like eating a regular spaghetti while multi tasking some french fries. It’s a new food that I like and want to order again.

this meal is not yet available on their menu,but you can ask for a request if you want to order it.

7. Iced cold drinks!
nuff said…

for the healthy person… try their canned juices

8. Beef Franks sandwich
I haven’t tried this..but I’m adding this in my list ( photo via FB)

9. Premium Chicken Sandwich
the sandwich line from sausages to chicken is for people who don’t like burgers, I noticed that they don’t have yet some fish sandwiches.

10. The Tower of Power Experiment
I just saw this Tower of Power Burger Experiment posted in Wham! Burgers’ Facebook page. Its not part of their menu, but its an idea that you can try if you want to merge two Double Whammy burgers into one Tower of Power Burger Experiment.

If ever I have the budget..I’ll try this for my next visit.

thanks guys for reading my food report of the week!

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This is Azrael, your food reporter…signing…burpp!!!! opsss.. sorry hahahaha.
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