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Monday, May 12, 2014

Coming next.. Google Glass in CDRKing (fake or original ?)

CDR King releases recently a teaser poster in their Facebook Page about the upcoming release of their own Google Glass, I'm not sure if its the original version or a clone, but according to the online flyer that they posted, there's no Google logo but just a word "Google Glass" with a Tron-ish font.

I learned about this from fellow tech blogggers when we were at an event, I told them that it might be possible that CDR King acquired the distribution rights from the tech provider that powers up the original Google Glass, I've met some phone makers of a local released phone brands and they say that the generic tech material are usually assembled in China, I'm so sure that this is the commercial release of a Google Glass clone, if it works the same with Google Glass,  Could be a same tech but different software.

I'm sure some techies will surely bite, including me! I'm curious on the quality of its rig, I'm a regular CDR King users, there are times that some items that they sell are quite okay.

Take note that the original website for pre-order of the original Google Glass is at this page: , sad news that this is not yet available in the Philippines, but it will come soon with a newcommercial model of Google Glass.

I did some Google-fu and I learned that the Google Glass is a big hit in China
read this news - "Google Glass Hits Retail Stores in China But Has Sold More Online

Last year, there's a news report  about China's own version of the Google Glass called Baidu Eye -- "The Baidu Eye: China's Version Of Google Glass Is In Development" , it was labeled as an April fools joke, but to see the news from CDR King is not posted during April, but posted few days ago. Looks like that the April fools joke is becoming a real.

But take note that Google might react after they see this flyer ad.
CDR King should change their version to a CDR King Smart Glass

If you ask me if ever I will buy... Yes..I will buy if ever the video recording is good, internet connectivity is stable, the software in it is useful, I'll buy one if ever this is useful for my online publishing gig.

CDR King Google Glass Facebook post

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update May 13, 2014

Our friend Digital Spidey posted the news that CDR King posted a message to inform everyone about their own version of Google Glass is not true. I think the store is playing safe and will not release a clone version of a Google Glass. Maybe someone from Google already contacted them re: the 1st post few days ago

CDR King posted this in their FB page to notify everyone

Notice: An article relating to Google Glass was erroneously posted in CDR-King’s Facebook page. The public is notified that Google is not in any way associated with CD-R King. CD-R King is not licensed or authorized to represent Google, to use any of its marks, or to sell any of its products, including Google Glass. CD-R King regrets any inconvenience or misinformation that may have been caused.

(posted 4 hours ago)
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