Elbow injury again

Badtrip…as always.the new rant is about my elbow injury, it’s a new injury from last weekend, I slipped from that slippery platform and I’m glad that I didn’t hit my head on the ground, thanks to that rope that my right hand is holding, I felt that my heavy weight just forced pull my elbow to dislocate.

I thought it was just a minor accident, but after one week, the pain is still present and today is the most painful.

Here’s the venue that I slipped, I tried that giant bubble set up first before I let my son use it, but after the accident, I told them that it is not safe. They should place some rubbery cover because the grilled floor is still slippery because of the bubble foam.

I got scared after a week because of the pain, I think there’s no elbow dislocation as of now, my findings is that my elbow is suffering from an injury called “tennis elbow”. There’s a rip of tendon around the elbow and it will take weeks or months to heal.

Accdg. to this site http://www.panoramaortho.com/identify-your-coondition

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)
  • Pain begins as mild and slowly worsens over weeks and months
  • Pain or burning on outer part of elbow
  • Weak grip strength
  • Symptoms may worsen with forearm activity

I also consider that I might have this pulled elbow injury, but I prefer to believe that tennis elbow will be my 1st findings.

Because of my elbow injury, I can even hold a glass of water using my hand, because it causes a painful strike whenever I use some force from my hand, also while ago, I got a hard time using my DSLR camera, its so painful and I can’t even lift it properly, my hands are bit shakey whenever I lift my bag, or carry my child.
I researched and learn on how to treat it, I guess the only way to heal it is to take a rest, put ice or warm compressed on the painful joint, and wear an elbow braces just to keep the force from my hand to reach the injured elbow portion.

here are some tips for treatment


I also read that massaging it can lessen the swell of the elbow and also doing some elbow stretching if ever I plan to carry a heavy object.

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I hope it heals faster, because I’m also having problems in typing using my laptop… now next step is to buy my elbow braces. If this pain reaches for more than a month, then I’ll visit a specialist for them to check it.