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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Lunch in #CommunePH

We went to Makati to meet our friends in a nearby bar at around lunch time, after the meet up my wife Lace told me that we should eat our lunch first before we go to Bicutan, it’s a long drive going there and we’re not yet familiar with the roads especially at the west service road.

After the meet up, we went to Commune restaurant to eat our lunch, it will be our 2nd time to dine here, my last time was in a dinner with several digital marketers few months ago, I tried the adobo rice meal because it was mentioned to me that it is good, and yes their adobo rice meal is one of the best.

For our lunch, we ordered the same lunch meal, a Tapsilog meal for PHP220. It’s a bit pricey for a tapsilog meal, but the taste and softness of the beef meat is also good. I ordered one rice only, I was thinking to order another extra rice but I told myself that I should see first the serving of their tapsilog.

When the meal was on our table, I saw that the beef meat size serving is quite right. I finished all my rice and I saw that I have more beef meat on my plate. Wow that’s not normal for me to eat a tapsilog, sometimes I finish my beef first and instead of the rice. Maybe because the egg and the atchara played a good pair for their tapsilog of Commune.

I first heard this restaurant as a meeting venue for Project Kisame, the 1st meeting was held there and I showed some interest to join the meeting, but the sad part is that I didn’t make it to the meeting. I’m not sure if it’s a café or a restaurant, but they offer good lunch and dinner meals, coffee and some cakes too. They also have free wifi and elec plugs for your mobile devices, kaya feel free to dine and then Instagram your meal!

Commune is a good place to chillax after a heavily workload in the office or a meeting in Makati.

I used my new Android smartphone KATA M1 in taking the photos, its my 1st test run of this device using its 13 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera. The photo quality is awesome!! I feel that I’m using a standard digital camera and not smartphone.

here are my photos.

Business people from the corporate world are dining here, at around lunch time, the place is almost full of dining guest.

The café side of Commune

Nice paper design lantern above our table

Lace in work mode

I’m trying the 5MP front camera of the KATA M1 smartphone
Impressive photo quality.

her Tapsilog

My tapsilog

Time to eat!!!! galit galit muna according to my wife hahaha.

I didn’t know that my wife ordered this carrot cup cake.

I tried the zoom and auto focus power of the KATA M1

more zoom..

zooming in…..

close up… not a macro shot

for my first ever shared public post of KATA M1, I posted this photo in my Facebook to show the photo quality of KATA M1


as usual…we always share one cup of coffee

here’s Mr. Bill

address: Liberty Plaza, 102 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
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