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Monday, June 16, 2014

Toycon x DLS-CSB BinD conference - 13th Philippine Toycon 2014 production note 6

It’s a two week preparation and planning via email for this new event, we tied up with DLS CSB Benildean Industrial Designer students in organizing a mini Toycon event and conference for June 13th. When I first received an invitation from Ram Esguerra of DLS CSB BiND team, he offered a venue for us to talk about our event and also get a chance to promote it as well. I was hesitant at first because the target date in the first place is on June 18th, and then I suggested to Ram that its better to schedule it a week before our main event. I’m glad that all is well and he got a nice sched of June 13th and book the SDA main theater as our venue. Its been ages for me since the last time I went to DLS CSB, but this is also a good chance to build new friends and partnership for our Philippine Toycon event. I learned that the Industrial Design course offers also toy designing as one of their subjects. I got the interest to know more about it, and maybe our next generation toy designer and makers might come from this school.

Its twoo weeks and 1 grand meeting, we finally pulled it off. I was there with other Toycon partners and friends to do a short exhibit, share a talk about the hobby and fandom and also we got a chance to judge DLS CSB’s very own Toy designing contest.
My topic for the talk that day is about the “Secret origins of Philippine Toycon” , its my first time to share the magic of our event and its history, but that will be the first and the last talk about our history from my perspective view, if ever I share the history of the entire team, I think that 1 hour slot is not enough hahaha.

Congratulations to Ram and his team at BiND for organizing this.. let’s do it again!

you can read the featured news here at Benildean Press Corps -

here’s a photo diary of what happened during and before the conference.

After our lunch, AB Cruz and the team from the animation dept tour us around their 3D printing room, and they showed to us the new 3D printer, laser cutter and some machines that can help you produce any objects you want. Its one of the wow moments and they told us that the laser cutter is not yet operation because they need to get some permits first for safety and health department.

Here’s our audience here in SDA Theater. The Korean sitting at the 2nd row is cute! hahaha

P6115836 - Copy
Inside SDA Theater, we spotted the toy design entries at the stage

P6115838 - Copy
Also each of our Toycon conference team brought in some of their wares. Here’s a comics box from Tony Tuason of Flipgeeks

P6115843 - Copy
Eugene and his team from Urban Toy Design Philippines group brought in their latest toy design creations. Here’s a paper craft toy design.

P6115850 - Copy
Eugene’s metal works creation and urban toy design originals.

Our guest brand of the day is from Toy Nerds collectible store, here they introduce to the DLS CSB students this new model metallic kit craft from Metal Earth

AB Cruz from the Industrial Design dept and faculty shared some advise to all participant of this conference.

I was sitting infront and its funny that the strobe of lights is aimed at me..hey! I’m not the speaker here haahaha. Btw, the cute Korean girl is at my back. I thought she’s a member of 2NE1

Here’s Tony Tuason of Flipgeeks sharing some tips on how to collect comics and how to start reading a title you desired.

Toy Nerds collectible store introduces the toy brand that they carry here in the Philippines. The Metal Earth brand is a metallic model kit, its all metal that you can build from cars, planes, tanks, or even Star Wars ships.

Robert Wong shared to us how he build his first Metal Earth kit. He showed a video on how to DIY with the metal kid. It’s a good part of the session for me because, I’m starting to build my own Metal Earth kit.

In every segments, Ram raffled off some items and prizes c/o from our guest. Here’s a comic book TPB prize from Flipgeeks

Up next: Tim Villasor shared a talk about the DC Universe movies and TV shows and also the 75th anniversary of Batman. He also shared his passion in cosplaying Batman and being a member of Justice PH – a group of cosplayers for the DC universe line.

John Eugene Avila and his band of urban toy designer shared how they started in this kind of art and how their team was formed… all started in Philippine Toycon!

Lino Reyes’ custom paper toy art
Just look for him in Facebook if you want to get a copy of a printable paper art toy.

At the end of the talk, we judged the toy design contest, it was difficult to judge and give scores, because all of them are good in designing their own toy. But we got one winner and he’s Peter Omengan who built this super articulated figure made from sticks and small tubes. I like his design because of the poseable feature.

At the end of the talk, students of DLS CSB rushed towards the stage to have a closer look of the toys we exhibited and also the toy design entries.

Thanks DLS CSB BiND team for organizing and inviting us.. let’s do more in the future!!!

P6115836 - Copy P6115837 - Copy P6115838 - Copy P6115839 - Copy P6115840 - Copy
P6115841 - Copy P6115842 - Copy P6115843 - Copy P6115844 - Copy P6115845 - Copy
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