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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aftermath: tv guesting in ANC Dateline Philippines - 13th Philippine Toycon 2014 production note 5

It’s a one day preparation for the live tv guesting at ANC’s Dateline Philippines, I’m a bit comfortable already to go solo for the tv interview and its my 2nd time here in Dateline Philippines as a live tv guest. I was hoping that the two other members of our organizing team will be with me but the schedule just hit the same date for Father’s Day, so I already expected that our daddy Toycon organizers will not be available, and since I just came back from Tagaytay, I already set a schedule with the tv crew and coordinated this with my team and they gave green light that I will go solo this time hahaha.

I know its all English language for ANC and I prepared for at least a year that I should get the best comfortable state when I go live on TV, I did some research about the show and also how their tv anchors speak and do interview on live tv, I learned that tv news anchor Caroline Howard and Stanley Palisada can shift to Tagalog language during interviews.

My schedule is to go live at around 12nn, so my plan is to be there as early as 11am for me to set my vibe and comfort zone, the next morning, I brought a big bag full of toys…I brought my biggest toy – The Transformers Metroplex robot, I’m sure it will be the big star for my toys show and tell hahahaa.

At around 8am – I rode the bus going to Pasay City and there’s my big bag full of toys infront of the bus driver

I was planning to ride the MRT, but I changed my plan and hop on a taxi at the bus terminal.
It was a smooth drive during Sunday – no traffic

I arrived in ABS CBN at around 10am. I know its early, but I’m glad that the guard and the tv station receptionist allowed me to enter the news room building. I told them that I will stay at the tv station’s cafeteria til 11:30am, because I’ll eat my lunch there and also relax. the guard told me that I can leave my stuff at the make up room in Studio 8.

I arrived at the news room building lobby and the make up room is on the other side, there are no guards stationed at the time, and I waited for 15 minutes for the guard to show up from the other side, they shift their guards for every hour – I think. The guard accompanied me to the make up room and I drop off my bag there.

then I went to their cafeteria, and I bought some food for my lunch. The price of their lunch meal are very affordable. The mechado is also good!!!!

I sat infront of a TV airing live the animated movie – Mars needs mom

here’s my mechado

my lechon macau meal

and after the lunch meal.. I took a rest for 30 minutes and made myself ready for the tv interview

I went straight to the make up room after my lunch and there I met tv news anchor Caroline Howard, she’s so nice and she even requested that I should get a powder make up. I did some short conversation in order to get the vibe of speaking with them, so that I’ll be in my comfort state when I go live on national TV

The tv crew helped me for the set up and we did some mock up display of my toy collection, and then they removed it to make way for the live airing of the news, they told me that they can put it back once my segment is up next. There’s my Metroplex…standing in the dark portion of the studio hahaha.

ANC Dateline Philippines started on time… I waited for 30 minutes for my slot and right after the 1st interview of another studio guest.

Here’s my Transformers Generation toy Hot Rod waiting for his big tv guesting hahaha

Okay.. I’m up next!!!!! here’s my last selfie before going on air.

you can watch my tv interview via the Youtube recording
thanks to Anime Pilipinas for recording this and uploading it in Youtube

and here are screen tv capture from my friends – thanks guys for tagging me in Facebook!
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