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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kessaku– Japanese restaurant for the Southerners (in Commerce Center Alabang)

I did a Google search and I learned that the meaning of Kessaku is “best work” and “masterpiece”, I didn’t asked the restaurant owner for the meaning but I’m sure they are using the right term to name their restaurant. I totally agree that their food is served in its best form, although its not yet the best for me or perfect taste, but I can say that they didn’t disappoint me and my expectations were met, because I learned before hand that this restaurant is connected to that Japanese restaurant – Jozu Kin in Burgos Circle, and I know for sure that they shared the same recipe, kitchen style and maybe their chefs, I got a confirmation after I visited the resto and talked to the resto manager.

Kessaku, is another Japanese restaurant in Alabang that is worth to visit, I don’t go usually to Alabang but this resto will stick to my mind that I should visit it whenever I want to eat a good Japanese food. Their resto is located at the ground floor of Commerce Center Building, it’s like a small mall that houses different lifestyle brand and also restaurants. The building is at the mid stretch of Filinvest Ave in Filinvest Alabang, the building is a walking distance from Festival Mall and Alabang Town Center. Going there took me around 45 minutes from Cavite, and if you are from Manila, just take the Sky Way to Alabang and you’ll see Commerce Center at the right side before crossing Filinvest Ave.

I was right that when I learned that they are also serving those foie gras maki roll and other out of this world Japanese maki and food concept. I started to become a newbie when it comes to Japanese food because I started to eat my first here and its funny that every food can be designed to go Japanese.

Kessaku in Commerce Center Building in Alabang
I love Japanese food, that’s why my taste buds and tummy are jumping for joy, my tail is wagging non stop because the food session and taste activity with co-blogger friends will start in just a few minutes.

here’s the menu of Kessaku
P1019703 P1019704 P1019705 P1019706 P1019707
P1019708 P1019709 P1019710 P1019711 P1019719
Just click on the photo to view large version

I don’t want to discuss their interiors and fixtures, but I can say that they are simple and minimalist, the resto manager told us that they will remodel and beautify more their interiors to look more Japanese, but I told them that the wall and colors are bit okay.

I’m not actually interested on the interiors, I’m more interested on these stuff in our table,. For a Japanese restaurants, it’s a must to have that spicy powder and oil, soy sauce and some wasabi.

Kessaku presented to us some of their best sellers, other dishes are the common, but I found here some must try specials that can be found here in Kessaku.

Salmon Sashimi (PHP 265)
- For me this is the crowned food in every Japanese restaurant. Its fresh, smooth and not frozen.

Tiger Roll (PHP 265)
- others call it crazy maki or something, but Tiger rolls are one of the 3rd fave for some foodies.

California Maki Roll (PHP 240)
- It looks like an ordinary California Maki, but its not the ordinary kind. They have kani toppings and a thread of red potato plus lots of flying fish eggs.

Symphony Maki (PHP 380)
- It’s the masterpiece of Kessaku for their maki line up. Its like a giant size maki with lots of spicy tuna, salmon, kani and sticky Japanese rice. Its like a maki cake already that is best serve to 3-4 people. Its my first time to see this concept and I super love it.

Unagi with Foei Gras (PHP 350)
- One of my fave in Jozu kin are their foei gras maki, here in Kessaku they also have it too. But this time, a new version is with eel meat.

It’s good! and I hope I can munch more of these while enjoying a nice sun light in Kessaku.

Tori Kuwayaki (PHP 320)
- Its like a volcano with lots of chicken meat, deep fried into its crunchiest format. Top with teriyaki sauce and under it is the best tofu prepared by the Japanese. It’s the best tofu ever! hahahaa. I know that the chicken is the winner here, but for me, the Tofu reign in my heart.

Here’s what it looks like without the teriyaki sauce. I suggest you pour the sauce while the chicken is hot.

Gyoza (PHP 165)

Angus Prime Teppanyaki (PHP 1170)
- one of the winner food here in Kessaku, the meat taste and softness is very satisfying.

Mixed Kamameshi (PHP 450)

Soft Shell Crab Tempura (PHP 395)
- Its my first time to try a soft shell crab tempura. As you bite a piece of it, you’ll start with the pincers and then eat up to the soft shell body and end it to the other side of the pincer. The taste is not similar to the ebi tempura, but this one will remind you the taste of the fresh catch crab.

I’m biting to the other side of the crab

Ebi Tempura 5 pcs (PHP 395)
- The ever fave ebi tempura

Here are some beverages and alcoholic drinks at Kessaku -- dining will not be fun without alcohol

Lychee Shake (PHP 95)

Vodka Martini (PHP 150)

Lychee Martini (PHP 170)

Classic Mojito (PHP 170)

Classic Margarita (PHP 160)

How I eat it
- I just grab one each of the maki and sashimi and place it on my plate
- I make sure we have our own soy sauce dip
- Wasasbi makes it more tasteful and it removes the salt and fishy after taste
- obligatory to eat it using a chopstick

Here’s how we share an attack to that chicken meat

P1019814  P1019815
Bloggers at work….


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address: Ground Floor, Commer Center Building, Filinvest Avenue, Filinvest Alabang
1781 Muntinlupa City
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