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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

coverage: Garage Magazine 6th anniv party x Levis x Hennessy x Street Dapper Kings fashion ball

I thought that the event party is for the launch of Garage Magazine’s new issue featuring cover celebrity Jericho Rosales, when I got a copy of the magazine, I browsed through it and then saw that the new issue is August 2014, it’s a bit late for a new issue, but then I realized the party is for the 6th anniversary of Garage Magazine and plus they did another annual Garage Street Dapper Kings Fashion Ball. Wow! Its my first time to see a fashion event for men and I’m so happy to be here hahaha!

Garage Magazine is now 6 years old, I didn’t even felt it, but I felt its presence when it was launched 6 years ago, I’m very tempted to grab a copy because they feature men’s lifestyle and fashion, it’s a fashion magazine for men and its very rare to find a kind of magazine here in the Philippines, because majority of the fashion lovers here are women.
I didn’t got a chance to buy my own copy, even one of the photographers in their preview issue are former bloggers, I just gave support via online but I didn’t’ got a chance to buy my own copy. After 6 years, I now have my very first copy….dyahe pa kasi I got it for FREE pa hahaha. Di bale, I will buy their next issue for Sept. I just need this magazine as my guide for me to pump up my clothe style.. but for a grunge and street style guy like me, its hard to go full fashion pasyon!

Cover August-page-001
Here’s the cover of August 2014 Garage Magazine featuring actor and singer Jericho Rosales.
Oo naman. singer din sya.

Cover Story3
Here’s a preview layout of a two page of the magazine. Check out their theme for this month..
Rodeo and Cowboys.

At the event in Hyve, the attire is Cowboy and Rode, so everyone who went there are in their best cowboy attire. I went there wearing my polo and didn’t wear my boots or cowboy hat, because I skateboard around BGC and its hard to ride a skateboard while you are wearing boots.

I just hope that there’s a cowboy attire contest.

As expected, ambush interview with Jericho as soon as he arrived at the venue. I want to do an interview with him, but its hard to sneak in front of tv media. I just watch and listen during his interview.

At the Garage Magazine 6th anniv party, all of us are entitled to gulp all you can some Hennessy. Me and Eli got tipsy after downing of 3 glasses hahahah. I’m glad we’re not driving.

P1012320 P1012328
Eli of , we’re playing around with his LED light and there’s the hotness level Joyce Pring hosting the event…

The event started with some fashion show of Levis and their campaign Live with Levis.

P1012337 P1012347
P1012338 P1012339
P1012341 P1012340
P1012342 P1012343
P1012345 P1012348
P1012355 P1012358
P1012356 P1012357

Followed by the Street Dapper Kings 2014. Garage Magazine awarded these men with the title because of their style and fashion.

P1012364 P1012365P1012367 P1012370
You can get more details about this in their August 2014 issue.

And finally.. Jericho Rosales went up on stage to walk on the runaway to feature his simple rodeo look. He apologizes that he didn’t prepared to dress up, and he told us that he came back from a trip in Europe with his wife.

Jericho Rosales jokes around and told us that he wears this 3 week old jeans. He said its expensive to have laundry in Europe, but the jeans still smells good. Okay. I ‘m happy to hear that, because my jeans is 4 weeks old with no laundry.

Eli told me…is this magazine is for girls? then I told him that this magazine is for men, I think Eli is expecting to see girls in the fashion show hahaha. But hey look around you Eli, hotness level girls are around you. I heard the girl at the back is model.

All in cowboy attire…and girls are wearing their torn jeans shorts.

me and Joyce Pring
Thanks to Marcie Linao for inviting us!!!!
Me and Eli will prepare for next year’s Garage Street Dapper Kings 2015.
I have to check the criteria and how to be part of it.. Oh damn…. fashion pasyon na til the end of the year.

Garage Magazine 6th anniversary issue featuring Jericho Rosales is now available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands. Priced at PHP 150.

You can also buy this online via Buqo.

thanks and happy anniversary to Garage Magazine.
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