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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Awesome wine experience at Sofitel Wine Days–all days of October


All hotels of Sofitel is celebrating their 50th anniversary and not only that they also celebrate the Sofitel Wine Days, it’s a global wine celebration in every month of October, the good part here is that All Sofitel around the world got their own Sofitel Wine Days celebration. I’m thankful that I was invited to try the magnifique experience of Sofitel Wine Days, this is my 3rd time to join a wine tasting and pairing session here in Sofitel and I can say that I’ve learned a lot about drinking wine, how to pair it with the best food and how I love the taste of the French wine versions.

I arrived 2 hours late for the wine session, I was stuck for two hours in EDSA and it was a crazy Thursday night, but I did my best to surf the jungle highway and made it before they ended the wine tasting. I missed 4 wine tasting, but I managed to try 3 new French wines and also my favorite local wine.


I learned a big lesson during my 1st wine tasting here in Sofitel…. Don’t drink too much if you want to try other wines. Just sip a small quantity of wine and then shift to another level of taste with another wine. We drink wine first before we devour the awesome food at Spiral, but I learned that the taste buds worked really well when you are hungry hahahah. We also tried the cheese at the Spiral’s Cheese room, I met those French-y word cheese that I always forgot what its called, but I still love the blue cheese and any strong flavored cheese, its good to pair with a French wine because the acidity of the wine and cream of the cheese add more flavor to each other. Parang…in other words..”alis umay”


Hello Sofitel Wine Days!!! I learned that they have this every October and then on November it’s the Soiree Beaujolais wine fest. I learned the Soiree part from a fellow blogger-PR Arabelle Jimenez of when she invited us to explore the world of French wines and French wine fest. After that month…its all French wine… okay.. I love French Wine na talaga! and also our local wine din.


After surviving the two hour traffic…I imagine there’s a finish line banner here… I used this iconic spiral staircase of Spiral in Sofitel to reward myself for making it on the nick of time.. The only thing that lack is the welcome party and teary eyes….oh yes.. there’s tear drops from my eyes and it drops after my 1st step here in Spiral.


I also heard about Sofitel’s wine vending machine. I think you need to use your credit card in order to get a drink. I have seen this kind of tech in another restaurant in Mckinley Hills.


I arrived in Spiral and met the bloggers and the Sofitel team. Sofitel’s wine connoisseur welcome and then they introduced to me their featured wines of the night. I’m still catching my breath and its hard to focus on what they say.. Its not easy to absorb French words for the past 5 min. but then my ears went in French mode and then I later understand on what they are telling me hahaha.


Here’s the featured wine of the night



I’m impressed that these French wines are really good!! I like the red wine, its taste right with some border line of sweet and acidic taste.


And here’s my favorite local wine…. the Dragon fruit wine


Ohhh thank you!!!

If you want to try the Sofitel Wine Days, you have 3 more days to try it..
I’m so sorry that I took time to post this, I was so busy last weekend and have no time to blog about it.

here goes:

Jazz and wine: An Austrian and French Affair
venue: Le Bar
Date: Oct 29 at 7pm
Price: PHP 1,800nett per person

Enjoy a sensory serenade of jazz and wine in an evening featuring the smooth sound of Austria’s Michaela Rabitsch and Robert Pawlik. A gastronomic parade of Austrian and French cuisine tickles your palate in this featured offer

Du Vin Et Des Hommes: Wine and Cheese Buffet
venue: Le Bar
Date: Oct 30
Price: PHP 1,800nett per person

Thursdays Wine and Cheese Buffet at Le Bar is made special with tasting of wines from different regions as presented by five featured French wine experts born and raised in the following regions:
- Bordeaux
- Burgundy
- South West
- South East
- Alsace

Burgundy Wine Dinner: Maisons and Domaines Henriot feat. Bouchard Pere and Filsvenue: Le Bar
Date: Oct 31 @ 7pm
Price: PHP 2,990nett per person

Enjoy a featured 5 course French terroir dinner prepared by our masterful artisans and paired with premier Burgundy wines. Wine connoisseurs will be treated to the expertise of Anne Deraisme, export director for Maisons and Domaines Henriot as she presents pairing suggestions for your dining pleasure.

Featured wines from:
Champagne Henriot, Chablis William Fevre, Burgundy Bouchard Pere et Fils

For inquiries and reservation:
call : 63 (2) 832-6988
or email:


During the wine tasting session, Sofitel’s wine expert Matt gave us some exam hahaha.
So I just missed the previous presentation and lecture but I have to dig in my brain and trust my taste buds to get the right answer.


It’s a shocked to all that we have exams that night hahaha.


Then I learned that I just go one mistake!! hahhahaha..
Thanks to Matt who is my awesome wine appreciation teacher from the very start that I joined their session months ago.


Here’s the answer from my one mistake in our wine exam….. note to self: Foei Gras is the best pair for Perrin and Fils wine.


After the wine tasting and lecture..we are now allowed to attack the 21 atelier of Spiral..wohohoh

DSC_0136 DSC_0137DSC_0139 DSC_0142DSC_0145 DSC_0146

So I ended with three plates on my table… best to pair our wines is with a yummy medium roasted beef meat! and some foie gras too!


Not yet over…Its funny that I enjoyed the wine that night and instead of the food. I’m glad that I went home in my normal state and not so tipsy haha.


Here’s Vernice Enciso checking out her wine exam with Matt


Because that we are no longer tipsy or drunk…its time for a photo op.
Here’s DJ Nikita and mr.

82 83

What a crazy and fun night… with the traffic and stressful day in Manila, but its okay, I enjoyed a good food and tasting the best wine that night in Sofitel and here I am taking home a Woodbridge wine and some choco art from Sofitel.

Thank you Sofitel!!!
see you again this 29th and 31st for another Wine event

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