Huggies dry pants now in easy-palit snug design (win 1 year supply of dry pants/diapers)


Before we went to Tagaytay last semester weekend, this item were delivered to our home , it’s a box containing a crying doll and a package set of Huggies dry pants. I laughed when I saw the cute doll wearing a Huggies dry pants diaper. I was surprised to hear the doll cry when I pull it out of the box and I panic and thought that the baby doll might need to change its diaper. Then I realized that…hey! its just a doll

Disposable diapers are the most wonderful invented item ever in the face of the world, because its easy to use it with your baby and its easy to dispose it. I started changing my siblings diapers when they were a baby and that’s 2 siblings…one in the 80’s and one in the 90’s, we used 100% diaper cloth every day and we wash it after use and then let it dry for hours. It’s the most tiring task ever. So when I got my own child last 2010, I no longer fear those diaper cloth, because disposable are here and they are evolving.

Just like the Huggies dry pants, they say that their version is much better, because there’s an all around elastic waistband that can fit properly to the baby and it wont get interrupted when it started to move, crawl or walk. It’s a 1-2-3 step to wear the dry pants perfectly to your baby.


Here’s a closer look.. there are no other slot…its just the slot for two legs and the waist
I don’t know what will be its look when the baby starts to poop.. I hope poops won’t get so messy after.


Here’s the 3 steps on how to use the Huggies dry pants to your baby. This will give 10 hour of dryness when used properly


According to Huggies, their dry pants is priced lesser than those taped diaper. I know that taped diaper is soooo expensive, but with this new design by Huggies, many new moms will have an idea and a new choice for what’s best for their baby.

SRP per piece is PHP 8.52 at size Large 36s


Mommies who tried the new dry pants are invited to register at
its Huggies’ social network and forum for all, and members are entitled to win a 1 year supply of Huggies dry pants

There’s also a contest – Huggies Dry Pants Step Up Dance Showdown, for details visit

prize is a 1 year supply of Huggies and a baby will be included in a music video

for more goody details visit and Huggies PH in Facebook

Okay..that’s our new baby item feature of the month! hahaha… now I have this package of Huggies at home and my son can’t use it because he’s 4 years old. We’re thinking to give this away to our neighbor who have a baby girl aged 2 years old.