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Friday, December 05, 2014

MIPOW launches Playbulb light and sound series and Juice Sync 5200 smart power bank


MIPOW brand is known for the leading tech maker for powerbanks back in 2010. I’ve encountered this brand at a tech store and it’s the best brand to sell me a power bank battery for my smartphone and mobile devices. Its one of the early adaptor for power bank and because of that they got a license to be an authorized manufacturer of Apple, Inc for power bank and mobile device accessories.

Flashback to present day 2014, and I’m surprised that MIPOW is developing new tech for mobile users and they didn't stayed in the power bank category. They won lots of awards from European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and IDEA Awards, and their tech developing lead lands them 48 patents and more to come.

here’s a brief info of MIPOW

MIPOW, (pronounced as MY-POW, the letters “MI” stands for “myself”, and “POW” represents “vitality & power”) was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong by Mr. Yeung, Wei Yung, Stanley, as a young, innovative brand with the key value of “Make it Different”. MIPOW is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Baojia Investment Group, which has major business interests in property development, new energy, electronics and venture capital. MIPOW has offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong with sales channels covering Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.


At the MIPOW tech conference in EDSA Shangri La Hotel, they showcased first their previous mobile accessories, from power bank, to smart bank up to audio accessories, these are available now in the market.

Looking back during the early days of MIPOW, I can still remember my old MIPOW power bank back in 2012 and you can read my feature here at


MIPOW now also makes headphones, not just ordinary headphones, they are Bluetooth headphones. you can now listen to your music from your smart devices via wireless.


From Power tube to Power banks and now comes the Power Cube and Smart power bank.
MIPOW increases their portable battery capacity up to 8000 mAH. While for others, They also inject a feature that you can monitor your smart power bank via an app to see if its full battery or how many percent of charge is remaining.

For today, 2014, Power banks are now smart and not boring. In other MIPOW’s product, they fused a power bank into a Bluetooth speaker.. awesome!


Boomax speakers are also a MIPOW product, it’s a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Also featured in the tech conference is their very own MIPOW Bluetooth Voxtube, a wireless Bluetooth headset for mobile phones


For the Holiday season, here’s the new product line up of MIPOW that will make you say “I WANT THIS!” or say shut up and take my money!

playbulb candle-1

1. Playbulb Candle
(PHP 999)

It’s the 1st member of MIPOW’s Playbulb series, it’s a LED candle lamp with hard plastic cup with a shape of a real candle holder, but instead of real candle with fire, they uses their MIPOW Bluetooth tech for you to control the LED colors and blink with the use of your mobile phones.

You can use an Android or iOS devices to control any Playbulb series.
But you have to download and install first the Playbulb X app and launch it in your devices to control the LED behavior.


With the use of the Playbulb X app, you can control the colors remotely or even the blink and duration of the change of colors of the Playbulb Candle.

Playbulb Candle is not rechargeable, this is powered by AAA batteries.

playbulb candle-11

Playbulb Candle is also good for indoor and outdoor


Here’s Playbulb Candle in my hand. Its light and cute.


You can also turn off the candle led light by blowing it, just blow with air inside the candle jar and you’ll see that the LED light will go off. You can also tap the top of the jar to activate it or turn it off again.

You can also pair this with other Playbulb series, control all of them in one app


2. Playbulb Color with speaker
( PHP 3,999 )

Playbulb Color is one awesome invention of MIPOW, I really like this tech and for a price of nearly PHP 4k, you can control this light bulb with your mobile device.

Plus, you can also play music with it because Playbulb Color got its own Bluetooth speaker. You can stream your iTunes playlist via Bluetooth and listen to it directly and wirelessly.

The colors can also dance with the music, plus you can pair control with any Playbulb series.


The Playbulb X app will do the work to connect your mobile device via Bluetooth to this Playbulb Color. It will pair the controls and also the speaker.


3. Playbulb Rainbow
(PHP 1,999)

The function is similar to Playbulb Color, but this version got no speaker. You can only control the light and the colors with the use of the app.

It’s a bit smaller than the Playbulb Color.


This one can replace your Christmas lights. Control it or set a timer to activate it.

Power Tube 5200 Juicesync--navy blue-4

4. Juice Sync 5200
( PHP 3,499)

The MIPOW Juice Sync 5200 smart powerbank will make your power bank obsolete. Because this new smart power bank can now be monitor via Bluetooth and you can see the status of charge and discharge to your mobile phones with the help of the JuiceSync app.

tech specs:
Battery: 5200 mAh
Output: 5V / 2.1 A
Input : 5V / 1A
DC charging time: 6-7 hours
Battery type: Li-ion

Power Tube 5200 Juicesync--charging
The best part of The JuiceSync smart power bank is that there’s a built in Lightning plug for iPhone 5-6 and iPad mini.

There’s also a male USB plug for charging and a USB plug for connecting to charge any USB ready devices.

I’m now using this and I never leave home with out.


The MIPOW tech conference never ended with demos and exhibit of their products, one of the main highlights is the introduction of their upcoming Smart Cube with 9000 mAh,


The MIPOW Smart Cube 9000 will be available soon this coming 2015. I’ve asked why didn’t they make it to 10k mAh, but the MIPOW rep said that they will launch it soon with a new twist and feature. ohh I’m excited to see that.

Here are some other products of MIPOW











MIPOW is available in PowerMAc, Switch, iStudio, Rustans, Abensons, MIPOW Megamall, MIPOW SM Ayala concept Store, Mobile 1, SM Dept Store, SM Appliance, Memoxpress, A Shop
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