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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baguio Guide Food Tour hang over day 3


Day 3 was our last day of stay in Baguio City, our departure was scheduled on the next day for 2am, so we just stayed chillax til lunch time at the hotel and waiting for our next meet up. We were supposed to wake up at 430am and together travel to Mine’s View to catch the morning sunrise in Baguio. I woke up at 4am, because I volunteered myself to wake up everyone, then I saw a Facebook message that the team will cancel the morning rise due to Ted’s condition and everyone slept so late last night.

Because the team arrived at 1am in our room and did some small party while I sleep in my room, and now all of them lack some hours of sleep ahahahah.

After breakfast, I woke up again at 7am and went down to Tradisyon restaurant to eat my last breakfast in Azalea Residences Baguio, I plan to post a blog entry that morning, but the hotel’s internet is a bit wonky due to massive usage of the hotel’s guest, I thought everyone already left the city, but it was Sunday and everyone are at the lobby preparing to check out and some of them are lining up to eat their breakfast.

We all met at around 1130am for another food trip and also tour using the Baguio Guide App developed by Smart and Inno Pub.

baguio guide app and tour

Where ever we go, we always spot the new and old restaurants around Baguio, here in the long road of Leonardwood st., we spotted the famous 50’s Diner – which will be relocated somewhere soon, Yamashita ramen house- cheap ramen for you, Mamita’s Bulaluhan – the name states its specialty, Goto Sarapen and many more.

Baguio City is really a food destination in the north.

baguio guide app and tour

Lots of road repairs and construction are felt anywhere in Baguio, they repair the streets for road widening. This causes a traffic jam and also re-routing of vehicles.

It took me around 15-20 minutes more when we took a re-route from Session Road to Leonardwood st.

baguio guide app and tour

Vince brought us here in Burnham Park, it’s the most popular park in Baguio City, and it’s the largest too, the park is very iconic because almost everyone visits it, they offer bike lanes, picnic grounds, photo op centers, boat ride and many more.

Its funny that my last visit here was in my Elementary years hahahah. I go to Baguio every year and I always skip on visiting this park, and here I learned that they developed a better park for Baguio.

It also serves as a camping ground too for visitors and tourist every Panagbenga Festival. They allow it because of lack of hotel accommodations during the annual festival of flowers.

baguio guide app and tour

Vince, Edel and Marj
behind them is the Baguio Guide QR code station. I will post a different blog entry about this site.
Inno Pub and Smart, volunteered to make a QR code station around Baguio, this will help tourist get some info about the site they are visiting.

baguio guide app and tour

Dancing fountain in Baguio
The fountains started to flow and dance at around 12nn, there are three kinds of fountains and they activate at the start of 12nn and every 15 minutes.

baguio guide app and tour

Boat ride in Burnham park
hahahaha. I remember back in my Boy’s Scout elementary days, when I was bullied by my classmate while we are on a boat ride, to my disappointment, I paddled so hard and I accidentally splashes them at the other side with “burak” or muddy part of the lagoon, we all laughed when saw mud on their face…its truly an epic revenge vs. the bully.

I super love this site in Burnham Park because of that incident.

baguio guide app and tour

I haven’t done this…but a balloon selfie with jump shot is not recommended for a fat guy like me ahahahaha.

not so cute.

baguio guide app and tour

I bought that flapping bird toy for PHP50, it’s a toy that flies with the power of a twisting rubber band, the toy flaps its wing like a bird and it will soar for just a second after your threw it on air.

baguio guide app and tour

Edel bought a bubble toy just for fun…
I told her to bring this at Mother’s Garden, but later on she gave it away to a kid at the park.

baguio guide app and tour

We ate our lunch here in Mother’s Garden restaurant, a resto that serves all organic veggies and meat. We also met the owner of the restaurant, if my memory is correct, her name is Theresa.

She’s an advocate of organic and healthy food here in Baguio.

baguio guide app and tour

The crispy pork adobo flakes.
It’s the newly improved version!!
Now with some vinegar dip and lots of veggies.

baguio guide app and tour

the al fresco dining of Mother’s Garden and Café

baguio guide app and tour

I spotted this cute pup…I named her “Boo”

baguio guide app and tour

The path way to the garden of Mother’s Garden and Café
check out that awesome view of the mountain range in Baguio filled with residential houses.
I wondered on how they just did that.

baguio guide app and tour

oh… a flower!

baguio guide app and tour

Watching the clouds and fog that will envelope the entire city in just minutes
Cold factor comes in after 1pm..whhohooh.

baguio guide app and tour

Edel met a sheep in Mother’s Garden

baguio guide app and tour

Ms. Theresa offered an ice cold home brewed iced coffee to us.
I thought it was just an ordinary coffee, but their home brew tastes superb!
I no longer drink coffee for 1 1/2 months now, but I just need not to pass on this and try their no sugar iced coffee.

they used stivia leaf to add organic sweetness to our drink

such an awesome serving!

Thanks to Baguio Guide App, Smart, Lakbay Baguio and North Luzon Properties for another luncheon treat here in Mother’s Garden.

baguio guide app and tour

After some rest back at the hotel, we went here in Pamana restaurant to meet Ms. Let Let of K-Lite Baguio, she invited us to try a new chocolate batirol establishment owned by Pamana restaurant.

Tsokolateria is a new choco batirol place in Baguio and its newly opened early this 2015. We were supposed to dine at the al freso store of Tsokolateria, but it was rainy, we decided to remain here in Pamana restaurant, and they say that regular customers of Pamana can order choco from Tsokolateria if they want to.

baguio guide app and tour

The funny joke is at this Igorot statue with a barrel

go figure!
baguio guide app and tour

The tsokolate batirol is here.
They dared us to try this hot chili sweet chocolate batirol.

baguio guide app and tour

I got tired at this hour, so I just took a seat and waited for that yummy hot choco to arrive on my table hahahaha. I let my blogger friends finish their food photography for their blogs.

baguio guide app and tour

Pamana resto staff helped us do the batirol thing for out hot chocolate
Watch out for my separate blog post about Tsokolateria.

baguio guide app and tour

Dawn comes in Baguio, and this sight reminds me of an Aurora phenomenon
But its just a golden glow of a sunset.

baguio guide app and tour
Photo op with K-Lite Baguio and Pamana resto team


That’s the end of my 3 days hang over of Baguio, I can say that its sooo “bitin” and I want to come back again to enjoy the cold weather and also food that Baguio offers. My mission is not yet over because there’s so many things need to discover and re-discover here in Baguio.

Our bus leaves the next day at 2am, we are very pumped up with the last sip of a hot choco and also a nice send off pizza party by Grumpy Joe in our hotel room.

Ohh…the massage service at Asian Massage is the best!!! its my first time to have a spa massage in Baguio.. expect my review about it next time.

Its nice to meet you again Baguio….maybe see you again next month!

-- end of part 3 ---
-- finale --

baguio klite foodies
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