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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baguio Guide Food Tour hang over day 2

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Good morning Baguio!!! that’s my message every morning whenever I see this awesome view in the terrace of our hotel room at Azalea Residences Baguio, I super love the cool weather in Baguio and its very different from the weather in Tagaytay City, its an another town in Luzon that I always visit and stayed for almost a week due its cold weather. Tagaytay City cold breeze is very different from the cold breeze of Baguio City.

The wind factor of Tagaytay City added more temp drop, its not always cold vs. the cold weather in Baguio City, the city of pines is always cold and but for summer time we expect the summer heat at 12nn-1pm or up to 2pm, it starts to warm up during lunch time because of the position of the sun, but when it changes its course, expect the invasion of fog and clouds that will blanket the entire mountains of Benguet. Cold breeze to the max is expected after 2pm.

The weather is awesome, that’s why its still bears the title – summer capital of the Philippines, because we go to Baguio to chillax with the cold weather while there’s 36-39C in Manila every month of March-May.

Okay let’s go back to my Baguio hangover.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

After eating our breakfast in Azalea and then for some minute of rest, We went back here in K-Lite’s Foodie at the Hub event in Ayala Techno Hub, Camp John Hay for the 2nd day of their food fair.

All of us are still full because we woke up late and went to the breakfast buffet of the hotel one hour before the cut off of the breakfast, I’m glad everyone made it haahahah.

Now I miss the hot choco and bacons of Tradisyon resto of Azalea Residences Baguio. Tama nga si Rey..masarap nga ang hot choco ng Azalea.

Last night was rainy, but on day 2, were glad that we got a nice sunshine from Baguio, its better to take photos under the sun and also enjoy the cold breeze with the pine trees while munching a sweet doughnut.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Our food guide of the event was not around yet, so we have to wait for a awhile and got a time to check out some booths at the food fair. Me and Marjorie went here at the bazaar area were they sell local products from Baguio and also souvenirs.

Marjorie bought that infinity shoal and her shopping haggle powers won us an infinity shoal for PHP 150 only, original price was PHP 180. It was a cool shoal made from knitted threads, it can transform to any wearable's you want.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

There are some indie bands present at the food fair, I did some video recording of their performance, I’m going to use that music as my BG for an upcoming video blog of this trip.

Last night, South Border performed and then later this evening it will be MYMP.
We didn’t got the chance to watch South Border last night because it rained, and also we finished our food trip here early and didn’t got a time to visit back at night. --- for sure kasi super busog na kami from another food trip outside Camp John Hay.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Ted invited me to try this Bacon roll from Kung Fu Kitchen, the resto is well known for me because I already blog about them during their 1st and 2nd store opening here in Manila and Cavite. I’m surprised that they have a Kung Fu Kitchen here in Baguio City.

Ted promoted this Bacon Roll as a siomai wrapped in bacon hahahah.
but it really looked like a siomai.

so good…and so tasty!

baguio klite foodies at the hub

While we do some food tasting, I spotted this lonely beetle at the sign board of Kung Fu Kitchen’s booth in K-Lite Foodies at the hub event.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

I also spotted a NINJA …at the Ninja Pancake booth
and yeah..he is really a Japanese guy who cooks those delicious pancakes aka OKONOMIYAKI
selling it at PHP 55 per ninja pancake.

sayang, di ko natikman ito, kasi sobra busog na ko.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

After I finished my own food tasting and food trip at the food fair, Vince invited us to eat lunch here in Kung Fu Kitchen, its just across the street from the food fair. I was happy because I love Kung Fu Kitchen.

yun nga lang. I didn’t ordered Pata Tim, because I need to cut some meaty pork for my diet. Pero shit…masarap ang Pata tim dito.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

the cute waitress of Kung Fu Kitchen that helped us get our orders.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Nice to meet you again… Sauted Kenya beans with tofu!
this is one of the specials of Kung Fu Kitchen.

Pero pala..sayang sana pala nag order na ko talaga ng pata tim.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Ok we’re done eating, we still worry where do we eat our dinner later.
Vince always suggest that we get a hot steamy bulalo for dinner, but its funny that I am the only one who gave it a go ahhahahaha.

but our dinner leads us somewhere

baguio klite foodies at the hub

The best seller sandwich here at the food fair.
Sandwich King offers a bigger serving of sandwiches, sausages and burgers for a price of PHP99 only

Lots of people lined up to grab a bite of this affordable sandwich from Sandwich King. I visited this booth as soon as the smoke of people disappeared, but then later on, they crowded around the booth to buy a sandwich.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

A sandwich from Sandwich King, it looks small, but its big in actual form.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Pampanga’s BBQ Boss is also a popular food here at the food fair.
At the middle of lunch time, they stopped selling because they ran out of stocks.

all are sold out, but they resume selling the juicy tasty BBQ after 2pm.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam
Its funny that I heard of this brand from Ted few days ago, he was searching where to buy this special strawberry jam by Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam. Then he learned that there’s a booth selling this jam at the other side of the food fair.

Ted bought some jams and then the marketing manager, Ms. Anne, asked Ted about his purpose of visit here in Baguio, then Ted declares that he is a photographer and blogger and was invited to cover the food fair. Then Ms. Anne was delighted to know that Ted is a blogger, because she’s looking for a blogger that can help them spread the news about their product - Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam.

Then Ted invited us to check out the product and here we got good samples of their Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam.


According to Ms. Anne, their version of strawberry jam is a no sugar jam.
If you saw a strawberry jam that is colored black and not red, it means that their jam is heavily mixed with sugar..


baguio klite foodies at the hub

Here’s Ted with his Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam

baguio klite foodies at the hub

ok…promo promo time!!
buy Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam here in Baguio!!!

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Photo op with Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam
thanks po!!!

baguio klite foodies at the hub

For dinner, Vince changed his mind in bringing us to a hot steamy bulalo joint in Baguio, pero ok lang, we do have bulalo here in Tagaytay and also in Espana st.

Vince brought us here in Good Taste!!!! the ever iconic and affordable resto near Burnham Park.
He told us that he wants to introduce the popular homegrown resto that is very popular to all Baguio residents.

Rey and Cristelle were shock when they saw the price range and also the serving.
grabe..sobra mura dito!

baguio klite foodies at the hub

No softdrinks to me and its my 1 1/2 month already
Today, I enjoyed a sip of this ice cold cucumber lemonade of Good Taste.

very refreshing.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

Vince, Mr. , spotted taking a food selfie at Good Taste.
We ordered a hototay soup, buttered fried chicken, pancit and a hot yangchow fried rice.

baguio klite foodies at the hub

After our dinner, the rest went into the ukay ukay haven of Baguio near Burnham Park, it’s the street night market that happens every 9pm til sunrise.

I didn’t joined the street market shopping, but I did drop by there during my long walk going to Session Road, it was so hard to grab a taxi during 10pm onwards. It took me an hour to ride a taxi ahhahaha.

I super wish that GRAB TAXI is present in Baguio.

And oh…I went back to the hotel because Ted got sick the night before our dinner.

---- end of part 2 -----

baguio klite foodies
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