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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ramen Daisho adds more Japanese food starting this Summer 2015

ramen daisho manila

Ramen Daisho is really flying high at the mid of summer 2015, because they added more new Japanese food for the pinoy ramen lovers. It will be weird now for a ramen house to offer more than just ramen, because ramen houses in Japan just offers ramen, but here in the Philippines, our taste buds wants to taste the common and popular Japanese flavors, that’s why we love to order lots of sushi, makis and ebi tempura as add ons to our main course. But for common ramen houses, its only ramen, so what happens if a pinoy customer wants to eat a sushi or sashimi in a ramen house? yeah expect some disappointment and temptation, because your taste buds will push you to the limit to visit the next Japanese restaurant after devouring your hot and tasty ramen.

For Ramen Daisho, they will follow the suggestion of their pinoy customers, and I’m glad that they do listen and got the idea to add more food in their menu.

I’m talking about the addition of maki and other meaty food in Ramen Daisho’s menu.
That’s awesome di ba? Btw “daisho” means “fly high”

ramen daisho manila
(photo via Ramen Daisho FB)

Its my 3rd time here in Ramen Daisho and I’m very happy that they invited me to check out their latest offerings. I know it’s a hot summer day here in country, but I still crave for more ramen even I melt under the heat of the sun.

The ramen taste doesn’t warm me up, but it only satisfy my taste buds because it always search for that distinct taste of a ramen and its broth soup.

I’ve tasted and eaten an authentic Japanese ramen during the year 1998 when I first discover the real taste of it at an authentic Japanese ramen house in Katipunan. The ramen house closed down and I just missed the real taste, flavor and also the affordable price. Back then the most affordable price for ramen is PHP 80., that’s for a large bowl of Shoyu ramen.

Fast forward to present day, the ramen battle of flavors stated in 2012, lots of ramen houses and restaurant offers their own taste, but what is the best? and what is the authentic?

if the ramen house originated from Japan, expect that it is good…

ramen daisho manila

From what I’ve learned, Ramen Daisho originated from Japan, it’s a part of a company that owns a restaurant belt in Japan, and also some resto here in Manila.

I learned that all their ingredients are from Japan and they are perfectly prepared here in Manila just to bring you the authentic taste of the classic and traditional ramen.

ramen daisho manila

That’s where the ramen taste came from --- ukokkei

ramen daisho manila

ramen daisho manila

Inside Ramen Daisho

ramen daisho manila

Here’s the menu of Ramen Daisho
freel free to click it to view the large version of the photo.

ramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manilaramen daisho manila

ramen daisho manila

The resto staff taught me on how to do some kind of origami while I wait for my ramen.
She told me that the piece of paper that holds the chopstick can be converted as a chopstick holder.

I didn’t get the instructions right, but she showed it to me on how to fold it.

ramen daisho manila

here’s the manual

I noticed that its the Mount Fuji of Japan
ramen daisho manila

Ramen Daisho also accepts reservations, they have those mini closed door rooms that you can occupy for private functions and also for group dining.

I was surprised to see that Ramen Daisho is always full at the peak of 5pm onwards
And ohh I learned that this resto is closed at around 3pm and it opens at 5pm
I heard that it’s a Japanese custom that they rest at this time.

ramen daisho manila

Cold tea

It’s a free drink for every dining customer, I super love this Japanese tea and I got the idea now where to buy it hahhaha. I will store and stock lots of it at home because I love the roasted aroma and taste. They cool down a hot tea in order to get the iced tea state.

ramen daisho manila

Tonkotsu Ramen
PHP 350 regular
PHP 620 large

Tonkotsu Ramen is the best seller here in Ramen Daisho, I was planning to order the Shoyu or Miso, but I ordered those two before and I haven’t tried this yet.

The taste is very mild, not too salty or strong, its just right…the soup is milky and silky, and the taste easily attached to the ramen. I super enjoyed the sipping and slurping of this ramen. I added some chili to add few kicks of flavor, powering up with some chili will make your ramen more better.

ramen daisho manila

Hakata Ramen
PHP 320 regular
PHP 500 large

Hakata is under the cold or dry ramen set here in Ramen Daisho. Its like a stir fry ramen without the soup. I didn’t enjoyed eating the cold ramen, especially the one that requires to dip it in a sauce. but for this Hakata ramen, the flavor is already stuck in the ramen noodles. Its tasty and best to eat it “daw” with a beer.

ramen daisho manila

PHP 150 (5 pcs)

Its one of the best gyoza ever in the face of the planet hhhahaha.
Ramen Daisho’s gyoza is pack with meat and also it easily melts in your mouth. Its weird but its one of the best gyoza I ever tasted here in Manila.

ramen daisho manila

Gyoza is very sentimental to me, because I spoke Japanese for the first time to a real Japanese, I asked “Ikura desuka” to their Gyoza when I attended a Japanese Festival in Paranaque back in the late 90s.

ramen daisho manila

Yakibuta Chahan
PHP 250

It’s a heavy load of rice with bits of meat and egg. It’s a Japanese brown rice with lots of protein and carbs. I felt stuffed after eating a half of this Chahan rice.

ramen daisho manila

It’s a bit pricey for a PHP250, but that’s okay, there’s a promised of good taste and satisfaction from this rice.

ramen daisho manila

Ebi Mango Maki
PHP 250

And here’s the new added food in Ramen Daisho.
They now introduce a new set of maki and other food in their menu. They say that they will add more food as time goes by. I’m glad that they do this for the sake of their customers.

ramen daisho manila

It looks like a California Maki, but it’s a shrimp tempura inside of it.
Another heavy load of food here in Ramen Daisho.

ramen daisho manila

Chicken Karaage
PHP 200

It looks like a common fried chicken, but the taste is very different from the normal fried chicken you know
It’s a boneless chicken that you can dip to a catsup or a mayo sauce.

Chicken Karaage is a best partner for your Chahan rice.

ramen daisho manila

Moyashi Itame
PHP 150

Ok, I learned that some Japanese men eat this kind of sprouts as their beer companion, others do eat tomato as their beer companions, its weird noh??? but here in Manila we are very satisfied with a plate of peanuts or “isang platitong mani”

In Japan, eating tomato and Moyashi Itame during beer nights is a common custom. I tried tasting this giant bean sprout and its good than the “toge” we have here in the country.

Moyashi Itame only grows in Japan.

ramen daisho manila

Guyabano gelato
PHP 120

Im craving for a guyabano since the holy week, their gelato is good and I like the fibery guyabano fruit
mixed in the gelato.

Its like a reward after eating some nice food.

ramen daisho manila

ramen daisho manila

Ramen Daisho serves a nice comfort food and also delivers the authentic taste of Japanese food and ramen. I just wish that they put up a 2nd branch in Makati so that we southerners can visit it in a daily basis.

Ramen Daisho was added as part of the top 10 best ramen restaurant here in Manila
For me I can add it too in my own list and I was surprised when a blog reader spotted me dining here and she told me that its one of the best ramen house in Manila.
ramen daisho manila

I will visit you again…Ramen Daisho
and will add you in my next Food Crawl Mandaluyong activity

Address: Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong, Philippines
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