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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Duty Free Philippines revamps stores in NAIA Terminal 1 and 3 with new design interiors


Duty Free Philippines store is one of the best venue for shopping if you are hunting for imported goods with a nice price deal, but the catch here is that Balikbayan and tourist are the only allowed to shop and enjoy the tax and duty free items, but for us locals, we get the opportunity to shop here if our balikbayan family member bring  us with them to help them do the shopping for the entire family.

It was a long time ago when I visited the Duty Free store in Terminal 1, I accompanied my balikbayan uncle to shop some chocolates and some wines, because he didn’t brought anything with him because his visit is so sudden. And then my last visit in the big Duty Free Fiesta mall in Paranaque was 7 years ago when my wife’s balikbayan family arrived and we went shopping for groceries and also some clothing. My mom also brought us there too when she did her first balikbayan in 2005.

Back then, the Duty Free Philippine stores is a bit old and needs some repairs, but when the transfer of other airlines to a different wing of the airport, the store needs to be relocated and also get a new revamp of its design.

My next wish list is that they should re-design the Fiesta mall next.

T1 Arrival A

Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of NAIA airport received a new look from the world-renowned design team Sounda Design Inc, a brillian French tandem of Architect Frederic Chevassus and designer Philippe Larosse.

According to Duty Philippines -- "The Perfumes, Cosmetics and Fashion areas’ elegant and more functional design adopted an ‘aerodynamic’ concept using aircraft details, such as a plane’s wings and propeller, as inspirations.

The new layout aims to project the airport outlet as inviting from all sides of the store perimeter, drawing the target customer into the interior. Sounda Design Inc. is based in Taiwan and Hong Kong and specializes in architectural planning, interior design and construction. "

The new Duty Free Philippines stores are located near the Arrival and Departure gate. Tourist and balikbayans can buy goods as soon as they arrive or as soon as they will leave the country.

They will have a chance to buy last minute before leaving Manila and also if they want to shop immediately and hop on a axi, they can buy first their pasalubongs here in Duty Free Philippines before leaving the airport.

According to DFP - they have stores in Cebu, Laoag, Clark, Palawan, Iloilo, Davao airports.

T1 Arrival Liquor Chocolates & Cigarettes

The best offerings of Terminal 1 and 3 Duty Free Philippine stores is that they have luxury items on sale! - Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, Longchamp, and Chloe and also perfurmes Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Clinique, Clarins, L’Occitane, La Prairie, SK-II and Lacoste -- are just a few items you can spot and this is much more cheaper than sold outside the airport.

Chocolates are also available at the confectionery section, top brands like Cadbury, Hershey’s, M&M’s, Toblerone and Nestle are sold by per piece, per pack or buy a box and get a freebie item.

They also sells Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels, Hennessy, Ballantines, Remy Martin and Macallan at the liquor and spirits section

Kors, Anne Klein, Skagen, Cerruti and Armani at the watches section

Up next is Pandora store, a high quality jewelry brand will join Duty Free Philippines soon.

T1 Departure A

Duty Free Philippines store in Terminal 1

T1 Departure B T1 Departure C

T1 Departure D T1 Departure E

“DFP is an attached agency of the country’s Tourism Department and its earnings accrue to the DOT to help support the Philippines’ tourism infrastructure, programs and projects. It is also worthy to note that as the country’s only tax and duty free travel retailer, the DFP shops are, significantly, the very first to welcome balikbayans and tourists into the country as well as the last to bid them farewell after having had more fun in the Philippines. “ – according to Duty Free Philippines

T3 Arrival Liquor & Chocolates

Duty Free Philippines store in Terminal 3

T3 Arrival Liquor T3 Arrival Perfumery
T3 Departure A T3 Departure Cosmetic & Fragrance
T3 Departure Cosmetics T3 Departure Liquor B

The new Duty Free Philippines store in Terminal 3 --- so classy and awesome.

Here’s my photo from our Terminal 3 visit.




P_20150622_165312 P_20150622_165407
P_20150622_165418 P_20150622_165632
P_20150622_165708 P_20150622_165727
P_20150622_165738 P_20150622_165806
P_20150622_165813 P_20150622_165820
P_20150622_165828 P_20150622_170009_BF

From the Departure area….

And here’s from the Arrival area.

P_20150622_170849 P_20150622_170913
P_20150622_170932 P_20150622_170942
P_20150622_171050 P_20150622_171105

P_20150622_171127 P_20150622_171134

P_20150622_171156 P_20150622_171309

And here’s from Duty Free Philippines Fiesta mall


P_20150622_182117 P_20150622_182341
P_20150622_182433 P_20150622_182528_BF
P_20150622_182817 P_20150622_182928

P_20150622_182934 P_20150622_183042
P_20150622_183206 P_20150622_183639
P_20150622_184022 P_20150622_184224
P_20150622_184742 P_20150622_184805
P_20150622_185135 P_20150622_191111_BF

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