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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Did the waiters or restaurant staff took a bite of our take out food?


Im so upset when I learned that there’s something suspicious happened to the food we took home after dining in a restaurant.

I just learned the incident today and I received a report from our companion who dine in with us and took home the food we bought in a restaurant.
So here’s the story, we dine in a restaurant few days ago (I will not mention the restaurant or blog them here) and we ordered lots of food that day, I was already full before we dine in and I no longer have an appetite to munch my favorite meat dish. The meaty dish serving is big and it can feed up to 5 people (the price is expensive too!)

After dining,we paid our bills with our own money and then we told the waiters to pack our left over food as our take out.

I remember before leaving the table, the meaty dish is jam packed with lots of meat! The meaty dish is still full and I can see that its a good candidate to add it in our dinner at home. We took home the food as take out, including that meaty dish.

I didn’t got a chance to eat the left overs at home because I was out all day, I learned the issue when people around us who suppose to eat the left overs noticed that the meaty dish left us a few meat slices and a big bone.

I learned it when I arrived home and I asked them if they took a photo of it because I remember the meaty dish is in good condition (talking about its still meaty). Our dining companion who was with us noticed it and he told us what was left inside the take out container.

We now wonder if the waiter who helped in preparing the take out, took some bite or did remove some meaty parts and left us a bone dish.

I don’t know if this is really happening to others….and its my first time to encounter this and now we felt that we were cheated by this restaurant.

What I can do next is ----- In my next restaurant visit, I will instruct the waiter to pack the left over infront of us. Some restaurants do that…. especially when it is a Chinese restaurant, if you saw them pack the food in front of you, there will be no worries.

For the restaurant that cheated us, I have no plans to report this, because I no longer have proof to show or a photo of the bone dish that supposed to be a meaty dish.

No plans now to visit that branch, but Im still confident that other branches are not like that and others can still treat us dining customers with some honesty.

Have you experienced this before?
If yes…pls share your story

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