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Monday, September 28, 2015

Kata Box brings TV, Movie and Gaming to your home (Kata launching event in Robinsons Pioneer)


I was not around for the grand launch of the Kata Box last Sept 25 in Robinsons Pioneer, I already gave a notice to the Kata Philippines team for I will miss their event launch. Its really great to see that Kata is back again in doing public launches.
I missed a lot of their events since last year and now I missed one of their grandest event ever by introducing their non smartphone product, the Kata Box, I think this is a sign that Kata will introduce more products in the coming months.

I heard that there will be another launch this October, could it be another smartphone? or another electronic gadget?

Im not sure, but I already sent my wishes for Kata to release more non smartphone products like – a fast charger, water proof casing, and also bring the LTE to their smartphone line up.
At the event, they revealed that the SRP of the Kata Box is only PHP2999. That’s the cheapest price for a internet direct to tv via a box console.

If you want to see a preview of it and my impressions about it, just visit my blog post at


Also, our tech blogger friends showed to us their haul during the event launch, Im not sure if this OTG Drive is available already in all Kata Stores.

Im so interest to have this as a companion gadget to my blogging with the Kata M3


Kata will start selling their Bluetooth Game Controller for the Kata Box, I think this Kata Game Controller will work also on smartphones --- I will ask Ron if he can try using it in playing some car racing simulation game on his Kata M3 with the gaming pad.

Its also confirmed that they will sell this too, but this game pad also comes FREE if you purchase a Kata Box.


Im grabbing some photos posted by our friends on Instagram, on photo is Ms. Marcelo, she’s the marketing head of Kata Philippines.

The module display of Kata Box at the event launch in Robinsons Pioneer. I think the guys are playing some mobile games.


Myrns captured the tech guys playing a game with the Kata Box

1:43 boy band was there at the launch…because one of their member is a model and endorser for Kata Philippines….

I wonder how you can play Clash of Clans with the Kata Box and the Kata Game Controller, will this be a new trend that mobile gaming can now be experienced on our TV ??


Here’s an ad of Kata Box posted in Kata Facebook


And here’s the TV and movie features of the Kata Box….

to know more, check out their Facebook page at

Btw, I posted this without a press release.. hahahaha.
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