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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Macpower Marketing introduces new tech products for the PH market (now on sale in Lazada)


Macpower Marketing unveiled their latest products for the PH market. It might look that its an ordinary product but when you learned something about it, you might get its wow factor. Same reaction when I heard that they showed us their powerbank, my reaction was..its just a powerbank, but when I learned its specs…I cant help myself to shout “dibs!!”

Macpower Marketing is the official distributor of these products and all new items are now on sale in Lazada.


1. Enerpad Universal Power Bank
SRP PHP 8,800

The 1st product that was introduced to us is the Enerpad Universal Power Bank, it looks like a normal power bank with bigger battery, but when I learned that this is a 18000 mah power bank, I got the interest to acquire one because this will be helpful to power my mobile devices and not only that…it can also power up any laptop and also appliances.

During the product demo, they showed that this Enerpad Universal Power Bank can power up an electric fan. Perfect companion for black outs and camping.


The Enerpad Universal Power Bank features two USB plugs and an electric plug socket for your laptop and appliances.

Tech specs
  • Input : DC 19V /2VA
  • Output : 120V AC + 5V/2.4A DC
  • Capacity: 18000 mAh (3.7V) / Li-ion Battery
  • 100-240V AC world standard voltage design reaches global safety and energy efficiency requirements.
  • Support AC plug to charge most laptop or IT peripherals
  • Dual USB ports with 5V 2.4A rapid output power and charge two devices simultaneously.
*info via Lazada


2. Belkin Chargesync set
SRP PHP 2450

I learned that car battery can also short circuit and it can distribute a higher voltage to a device connected to the lighter charger. I haven’t encountered a power surge yet but its scary to hear that it is real.

With the Belkin Chargesync set, especially the car plug charger, there’s a mechanicsm that prevents power surge to your charged device. Its better to be safe than never.

Tech Specs:
  • Type: Car charger
  • Input: 12-2V DC
  • Output:5V
  • Interface: USB
  • Charge sync cable
  • Lightweight, portable


3. Belkin Mixit Micro USB Cable

Accdg to Macpower Marketing, this is the most toughest micro USB cable for Android devices…ever!
They also call this the Black Mamba, because the skin of the cable wire is metallic finish. It can withstand any stretching, curls, or pull. And there’s a warranty….if you splice it and break it, then your money will be returned.

Tech specs:
  • Length: 4 Ft
  • Micro-USB to USB cable rapidly charges and syncs Android devices
  • Sleek cable with metallic finish
  • Available in five colors to match your device
  • Designed to withstand heavy use
  • Ideal for use everywhere
  • Compatible with Smartphones



There was another product that was shown to us…but it still in embargo, but I will announce soon here in my blog.

Also check out our behaved moments during the product presentation.


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