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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pilipinas Shell, BMW and Citi to giveaway brand new BMW cars and fuel GC this holiday season

Pilipinas Shell, Citi and BMW to give away new BMW cars and fuel GC this Christmas

The three big companies banded together this holiday season to spread joy and Christmas cheer by giving away a brand new 40th anniversary BMW 3 series Sedan car, 2 BMW series 2 Active Tourers and thousands of fuel GC to lucky motorist who fuel up with Shell and swiping their Citi card to pay for purchases.

They will raffle off 1 car per month and 300+ pcs of Shell fuel GC starting this November 2015 to February 2016. The start of the raffle promo is today and the first raffle draw for a new BMW car is on November 27, 2015, it will, also followed by the raffle of 300 pcs of Shell fuel GC worth Php 2,000.

Pilipinas Shell, Citi and BMW to give away new BMW cars and fuel GC this Christmas

The mechanics is just simple, just swipe and drive, but you need to log on to special website of Citi, where you can log in your details and submit a proof of purchase to be validated and receive your electronic raffle coupon.

Update: Once you swipe, you automatically get a raffle coupon.

For details, log on to

Pilipinas Shell, Citi and BMW to give away new BMW cars and fuel GC this Christmas

According to BMW, their new BMW series 3 was released in time of its 40th anniversary, its a car that is practical, easy to drive and perfectly designed for the family. It is also considered as the ultimate car because BMW combined aesthetic, power and sportier feature. The new BMW car also comes with its own dashboard camera at the front and also at the rear. I also heard that they only have 300+ car units available only here in the Philippines.

As for Citi, they always partner with global brands to give more incentive to their card holders. In partnering with BMW and Pilipinas Shell, they can now offer a lot of motoring benefits

Don't forget to read the full mechanics posted at

Here are some info about the raffle promo

1. Principal and Supplementary Citi Cardholders with active card, with good credit standing are qualified for the promo

2. Promo period – Oct 26, 2015 up to January 31, 2016

3. Use Citi Card to pay purchases at Shell = 2 raffle entries

4. Register your entry at

5. Multiple cards can join the promo

6. Supplementary cardholders will earn their own raffle from their transactions

7. No minimum spend required

8. You can only 1 BMW car and 1 Shell Fuel GC during the entire promo period, it means you can only win once. If your name is drawn twice during the raffle draw, you automatically win the higher value prize.

9. If you didn’t win in the 1st draw, then you still have a chance to win the 2nd draw prize

10. Winners will be contacted via phone or via registered mail

11. BMW car winners can claim the prize certificate in Citibank Square in Eastwood City, just bring valid ID and some requested requirements for identification

12. Shell fuel GC’s will be sent via snail mail

13. Car winners will shoulder the 20% tax, car registration, car insurance, car delivery, car improvements, governments taxes, fees and surcharges. While Shell fuel GC are tax-free.

And here are the schedules of raffle and also the prizes.
Pilipinas Shell, Citi and BMW to give away new BMW cars and fuel GC this Christmas

Good luck to you!!!

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