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Monday, December 07, 2015

Ultra fast FREE WIFI in Serendra c/o Globe GoWIFI (tried and tested)

Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

Globe invited us in a challenge to use their FREE ultra fast Globe GoWIFI in Serendra. It’s a new WIFI service that is provided by Globe in Serendra that serves they customers, diners and visitors of the establishment around the area. According from a rep. of Globe that their Globe GoWIFI will soon serve in all BGC areas, using the fastest connection via the Globe network.

The Globe GoWIFI was present in some events partnered with Globe, blogger friend Ted Claudio mentioned to me that he experience ultra fast high speed WIFI internet connection during a clubbing event in Pool Palace. I heard that they are deploying the Globe GoWIFI around BGC area at that time and it was just a test run, but hearing a positive review and comment about it… the Globe GoWIFI is like the next generation of FREE WIFI that offers fast speed connection to the internet.

Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

We were at Chelsea Market CafĂ© in Serendra and learned here about their Globe GoWIFI connection. They told us to connect to a “Globe GoWIFI “ network and just sign up for a free one hour WIFI connection.

Users will require to register their name and also their mobile number to enable their phone to have FREE access to use Globe GoWIFI for one hour of usage.

Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

I spotted this banner ad from the site of Globe and they launched already a stress test and event for customers of Serendra to use their WIFI for FREE and win some goodies by taking some challenges.

Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

I used my ASUS Zenfone Selfie in checking the speed of the Globe GoWIFI and here’s the result.
A whopping 8mbps download speed and a 15mbps upload speed..


Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

Globe arrange an on the spot challenge and our task is to join a food photography race and use their Globe GoWIFI in download the apps we need.
1. Do food photography
2. Post our best food photography shot in Instagram
3. Install some apps to be used in photography
4. Edit and upload a video documenting our behind the scenes in food photography

Before the start of the challenge, we listened first to a 30 minute crash course in food photography by master lens man Jo Avila. He taught us some basics to capture a better food photography shots.

My team mate that night is Ted, Karina and Rence, who is from the social media influencer circle.
We forced volunteer Rence to be our food photographer, (yeah..we want to win kasi ahhaha) and Karina and Ted will be there to assist him taking the shots and for the concept too.

And for my job that night is to do the video of our behind the scenes. A Globe rep. loan us a Samsung Tablet, they say that it will be used in recording the video.

`Globe GoWIFI in Serendra Globe GoWIFI in SerendraGlobe GoWIFI in Serendra Globe GoWIFI in Serendra

Above photos are just my quick food shots….

Ok…my tantrum started to tick that night..I got so pissed off when the Samsung Tablet takes a crappy video, plus…. I downloaded some apps that can help me do the video editing.

My first edit was good and smooth, but then…the shocking moment occurs…. the Samsung tablet crashes and all my edited content are gone…so I went back to zero.

Im glad that the Globe GoWIFI is soooo fast…I downloaded another video editing app to help me finish the job. Im glad that I finished the video editing before the time of the challenge ended.

So behold..below is the video edited..on a rush,.,…. I finished it in less than 10 minutes ----with 30 plus video clips

I only get free fast WIFI whenever Im booked in a hotel or a resort or Whenever I pass by in Shangri La Hotel.. yeah their WIFI is fast too. Im impressed on the fast internet connection speed of Globe GoWIFI, its new and Im not sure if people around Serendra knew about it, because mostly the people there carry their own WIFI or they always connect to their own mobile data. I do that in my regular day carrying my own internet because I don’t want some delays and also I don’t want to be disappointed when an establishment’s internet is so slow.

I like the idea that Globe is starting to solve the problem of our internet speed by launching this Globe GoWIFI to the public, Im not sure if they can maintain the same speed if a lot of people are connected at the same time, but for having a fast internet speed, Im sure everyone who are connected in the same network can accomplish their online task quickly.

In establishments, people use the internet for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, connect to online game network and maybe check emails. There might be a small group that can take the advantage of the fast internet speed by downloading some apps or maybe do a non stop torrent download hahahaha.

Downloading some apps is fast and smooth, uploading some files and do social media post is quick too, thanks to the fast internet speed of Globe GoWIFI.

To experience it, you need to visit Serendra and try it yourself..
In my next visit..I will try to bring my laptop and see if I can finish a series of blog post

Mary Grace Restaurant is a good spot to start a mobile office hahaha.
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