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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Asian Air Safari airs Season 10 episodes every Sunday at 830pm on ANC

Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye

I got an opportunity to watch a preview of some episodes of Asian Air Safari Season 10, they feature two episodes that are from a two part episode from Turkey and Rwanda. The preview was held at Shang Cineplex last week and I can say that it was an awesome episode for me, it’s the best episode ever, I know its just a teaser but its so good to watch Asian Air Safari on a big screen.

Capt Joy Roa, the host of the travel and aviation show, brought us to a new world and adventure through his show telling his journey, story and captured images really teleport us viewers to another country. I think his show is one of the best Filipino produced travel show ever in this generation, and the show keeps on getting better with awesome story features, amazing video footages and documentary.

The Asian Air Safari season 10

Asian Air Safari is now on its 10th season, new episodes are airing every Sunday at 8:30pm with replays on Saturday at 2:00pm, airing only at ANC.

But if you want to watch the current and previous episodes, you can download the entire show by visiting their website

You are required to pay for $USD 3.99 to download an episode.

This is good, especially if you are trying to catch up a good episode, a favorite episode or an episode you want to watch over and over again, and that episode could be your travel guide to a certain destination.

I was told that Capt Joy Roa and his team are supported by Turkish Airlines for the trip. And it was just him and a camera guy roaming around in a foreign land to film a story that can be shared to us viewers.

Capt with family who cooks traditional Gozleme
At the first screening of Asian Air Safari season 10, we watched the Turkey Part 1 episode with title -- Discovering the Turkish Riviera (season 10, episode 8)
Capt Joy Roa went on a tour to the ruins and archeological site at the Antalya old town and the Perge and Roman theater in Aspendos.

The show gave us cool visuals of what was the look of a century old mall and how the people of old Antalya enjoy the luxury and beauty of their land before it was destroyed and abandoned centuries ago.

Roman Theater in Aspendos

The episode featured the province of Antalya by the Mediterranean Coast; a visit to the Antalya Archaeological Museum; the Kaleici, Antalya’s old town; well-preserved ruins in Perge and the Roman theater in Aspendos.

Capt. Joy Roa and his team were assisted by Turkish Embassy, headed by Her Excellency Ezra Cankorur, along with the Mediterranean Tour Operators (METEOR) in Manila, and Orion Tours in Turkey.

Capt Joy and Capt Jean de Bleu flying over Akagera National Park
The 2nd episode we watched next is the Rwanda Part 2: Gorillas in our Midst (season 10, episode 11). Capt Joy Roa stayed overnight in the safari and his adventure brought him to travel via helicopter, climb a mountain and meet the wild mountain silver back gorillas of Rwanda.

Its one of the best episode for me because that episode really shows the "safari" life and it really inspires me to travel more.

Capt with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda
The episode featured a helicopter flight, a game drive, and staying in a tent with the wild animals in Akagera National Park; a visit to Iby Iwacu Village, a community of ex-poachers who are now giving people a glimpse of typical village life in Rwanda; and a trek to see the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world at the Virunga mountain range at the Volcanoes National Park in Musanze.

Capt. Joy Roa and his team were assisted by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

The Asian Air Safari season 10

Capt Joy Roa poster for their Season 10

The Asian Air Safari season 10

Inside Shang Cineplex

The Asian Air Safari season 10

My movie seat mates – Sarah Cada and Ted Claudio

The Asian Air Safari season 10

Capt Joy Roa welcomes us and brief us about the two episode

The Asian Air Safari season 10

After the screening, Capt Joy Roa threw some funny jokes because we really enjoyed that screening because the 2 episodes are so entertaining and educational.

The Asian Air Safari season 10

Capt Joy Roa summons his team to come up and introduce themselves…. now we learned that he got 1 female writer, camera guy, edit team and a colleague at ANC (or ABS CBN), the team made the magic to make an awesome episode for Asian Air Safari.

Congratulations to Asian Air Safari team!

Asian Air Safari
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