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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fujifilm Philippines launches X-Pro 2, XE2s and X70 cameras


It’s a long wait but its really worth the wait, because we’re so satisfied about Fujifilm’s new cameras that was launched last week, the fun part is that we’re the first to have it here in Asia. There’s so much wow factor when each of the new Fujifilm camera’s feature were introduce. The feeling was like looking at a new brand new iPhone and you really need it..badly..for your lifestyle or hobby.

Fujifilm Philippines teases us through Facebook and Instagram about these new camera before the launch, and Im sure the X-photographers or Fujifilm X-series camera users are more excited than us non-X users. The call to use X-series occurs to me every time they launched a camera, I’m really torn actually and it will require me to close my eyes, snap a finger and flash my plastic card in order to have one.

I will try to hold on for awhile…because I heard the old X-series prices are slashing down because of these new camera models.

DSC_0118 DSC_0135DSC_0148 DSC_0140

Enough talking… let me introduce to you the Fujifilm X-Pro 2, The XE2s and the compact X70 cameras.


At the launch, the awesome thing that I’ve learned is that when a Fujifilm photographer takes a photo of a person subject, they’ve shared that the photographer is the one who communicated with the person and not the camera.

Wow!! Fujifilm made an awesome statement and I really approve this.
Thanks to the EVF on their mirrorless cameras. They say that they are the very first camera brand that enables a camera to have EVF and with controls too.


Fujifilm Philippines introduces their X-pro photographers on stage.
Each of them tried and tested the new cameras, they also shared about the features and advantages of the camera. I usually hear that it’s the best camera for black and white photos, and also a great camera gear for street photography.


Inline with the new camera launch, they also launch a new camera flash and super tele photo lens 600mm. I wont discuss that here in my blog, but let’s focus on the camera for now.


I remember that my first touch of a mirrorless Fujifilm camera is the X-Pro 1, I got so amazed already with its featured tech on the camera and how it edits the photo on RAW. It was my first choice for a camera brand for mirrorless,but its so expensive! Most pro photographers use this because it features a vintage like camera with knobs and dials that performs like a film camera. Most oldies prefers X-Pro 1, but Im glad that they super upgrade the specs and sensor and gave birth to a super camera X-Pro 2.

Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
24 MP X-Trans CMOS III Sensor
Powerful X-Processor Pro
- over 30 MO output resolution
- ISO 12800 with acceptable low noise
- FUJIFILM's color reproduction
- 15 Film simulations including new ACROS
- 50% larger Phase Detection AF area, 273 point
Weather, Dust, -10 resistant
1/8000 Shutter, 1/250 flash sync
Newly Designed Operation
- One hand operation layout
- 8 way Focus Lever
- Shutter Speed and ISO dial
- New Graphical Interface
Dual SD Card Slot

SRP PHP 90,990


Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is the first model to have the newly developed sensor, that’s 24.3 MP Xtrans CMOS III APS-C sensor that can give a much higher pixel count. Also processing of images is much faster, thanks to its new X-processor Pro engine. Comparing it to old models of Fujifilm, the new X Pro 2 has much faster CPU and bigger Buffer memory.


The Electronic Rangefinder display on the EVF can perform with 2.5x-6x magnification. The live view via the OVF displays the actual look of the view when you adjust the settings. You can use it to preview the focusing, colors, white balance in real time.


It’s the 1st camera that I know that can carry two SD card slot. The 1st slot is compatible to UHS-II. A perfect slot that writes RAW files in fast pace.


Body is made from Magnesium, its light weight and durable. It is also equipped with a XX weatherproof seals around the body for weather sealing feature. Now you can take photos in any kinds of weather conditions.


I did a quick touch and try, it’s the most versatile kind of camera, because the shutter is much more faster and the processing of photos is quicker than other mirrorless cameras.


The X-Pro 2 comes with a 35mm F2 lens.

XE2s is a much upgraded version of the XE2. The new model comes with new new AF system, high ISO and much faster electronic shutter. If you are using the previous model, you can update the firmware this February 2016 in order to get these new upgrades.

AF System ideal for moving subject
- zone/ wide tracking AF across 77 AF points
High ISO sensitivity up to 51,200
1/32,000 electronic shutter
16MP X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
Real time view finder
11 Film simulation modes
350kg lightweight body
Wifi Transfer

SRP PHP 52,990 (with 18-55mm)
PHP 36,990 (body only)


Fujifilm XE2s is a cool and stylish rangefinder camera


Body is made from magnesium from top and front of the camera. Buttons were fixed in a better place for fast function during shoots.


In the market, the camera comes with a kit lens 18-55mm


This demo unit I used mounts a 10-24mm lens. It looks awesome and it’s a perfect camera for travel and street photography.


X70 is the most compact X-series camera from Fujifilm, its so small and you can slid it in your pocket and take it on a spin for some ninja shots or do street photographer. I think this is the camera can make you an instant invisible photographer.

Fujinon 18.5mm F2.8 lens
16MP X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
EXR Processor II
180 degree Tiltable LCD
Touchscreen display
Internal flash
340g lightweight body
Built in WIFI
External optical viewfinder
Wide conversion lens, wide to 14mm

SRP PHP 36,990


X70 got the engine, the feature and performance of an X-series camera.


It is also one of the first camera to have a touch screen control on the LCD panel


Its not an interchangeable lens, but you can use the digital tele converter lens to acquire a 28,, 35mm and 50mm equivalents.

You can attach a wide conversion lens, to convert the fixed lens to a 21mm.


There’s no built in EVF, but you can attach an external EVF


The touch screen LCD


The best part is that it’s a good camera for video bloggers and selfie addicts.


There will be a special deal promotions of the three cameras, You can score them in a much lower price, just head over to Photoworld Manila this Jan 28-Feb 2, 2016 in Glorietta Mall in Makati and then in Cebu launch on Feb 6, 2016.


Here’s one of the special offers for February if you placed a pre order at Fujifilm Philippines.
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