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Sunday, February 14, 2016

7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competiton (Feb 13, 2016 Coverage–Philippines and Portugal)

The 1st leg of the 2016 Pyromusical competition started last Feb 13, 2016, It’s a bit weird that they no longer organize a pyromusical show every Valentines Day, I remember in their previous events that they always start the show and competition every festivities of Valentines Day, but I think it’s a good idea that they stayed away from the festivity, because some of us wants to celebrate Valentines in our home or have a date somewhere, and if ever they schedule it for Feb 14, I have a big feeling that I wont be able to watch the pyromusical show, because I’ll be at home for our Valentines dinner.

For my coverage, I used my Nikon D5300 with Tokina 10-20mm lens in taking long exposure shots of the fireworks. I also used a CDRking aluminum tripod for the dslr camera and a bendable gorilla-pod CDRking for my ASUS Zenfone Selfie, I brought it with me to record the entire pyromusical show on video.

But the funny thing is that I used the gorilla-pod CDRking for my dslr, and the alum tripod to mount the smartphone hahahaa. My location to shoot is at the media area near the VIP, and my shooting area is at the cemented breakwater or barrier of SM Mall of Asia by the bay.

The entire platform is crowded with lots of photographers, I was lucky to find a spot near Enzo’s spot. So I used the gorilla-pod for the Nikon dslr instead because there’s a good vantage point for my subject – the sea, the barge, the fireworks, the sky and the moon.

My first test shot…. look at the rise of our half moon in the night sky
Below it is the barge for the pyrotechnics


The Philippines was the first to perform that night, our country was represented by Platinum Fireworks, the company that provided fireworks show for SM Supermalls and Enchanted Kingdom, and also they are the organizer of the annual pyromusical show and competition.

Philippines is not included to compete, because we are the host country for the competition, our land is the stage for the world’s best fireworks show supplier.

The Philippines performed really well.
Platinum Fireworks won numerous awards already in other competition from other country and here they displayed a very unique show --- they added plane drones for their show.

They operated and flew two small plane drones with LED light to hover around the fireworks, and then later on the two plane drones ignited a flare and fireworks, and it hovers like a live fireball. I saw the other plane drone crashes into the water after the fireworks on its wing ended.

The Philippines played music such as “Its more fun in the Philippines” and “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas”, the music was in sync with the pyro and it was very lovely.

Then the song “We can be heroes” was played and then followed by a symphonic music.

I was trying to get a nice shot of the pyromusical show of Philippines
and this shot…. is my favorite, it reminds me of the old posters of the pyromusical show.

And the grand epilogue of the pyromusical performance of the Philippines, ended in a big blast bang.
Golden lights and colorful burst light up the night sky.


For Portugal country, the 1st competitor to showcase their creative pyromusical is represented by Grupo Luso Pirotecnia.

Their pyro show’s theme is 70s-80’s disco.

I felt some goosebumps when they played Queen’s Princes of the Universe song. The music and pyro were so in-sync.

The intro for Portugal is so awesome.

Then the music for the pyro was followed by old disco music
Its funny to see my seatmate, who is an old photographer, we’re so happy to hear those old disco songs.

Yeahh, we danced in ABBA tunes while taking photos by the bay hahaha.

The grand finale…ended in a jurassic size of fire in the sky…
That’s my last view of Portugal’s performance..

I heard that they are a 3rd placer from last year.


Sharing here some behind the scenes photos..
Here’s the #EATgetaway bloggers, we wore our uniform that night.
Thanks again to Philippine Tourism Board and Globe for these shirts.
Heto na talaga ang uniform namin when we cover local festivities and events in the country.

At the media area, the organizers provided a buffet for us and also unlimited Magnum ice cream
ohhhh myyyyy goodness!! Magnum!

My view of the media area and beside us is GOLD ticket area.
behind me is the VIP area.

My Asus phone mounted on a tall tripod.
I used my smartphone to record the entire show.

And here’s my Nikon dslr on a gorilla-pod tripod

Up next….I will attempt to cover the 2nd week of the pyromusical, the next one is on Feb 20, 2016.

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