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Friday, February 19, 2016

Milo Stadium –state-of-the-art kid sized sports arena opened in KidZania Manila

Kids and Parents will be happy to know that KidZania Manila just opened another attraction this year. Together with Nestle Philippines, they formally launched the state-of-the-art kid sized arena or stadium at KidZania Manila. Kids aged 7-14 years old can now fully enjoy the life of an athlete and try the activities available for them before trying the real thing.

The Milo Stadium will serve as a venue for them to learn and experience the right path to living an active and healthy lifestyle, it is the only area and venue at KidZania Manila that caters to sports, health and fitness. The arena is small for us adults but for the kid size scale, it is already big for them. At the Milo Staidum, kids can learn the Milo Champ Moves dance, it’s a three minute exercise emulating sports movements, designed to energize their body and mind for the day ahead. After the warm up dance, they choose which kind of sports they want to try, the Milo Stadium is equipped with a full scale kid-sized basketball court that can turn into a volleyball court and foot ball field, there’s an electronic score board, host commentary booth and audience bleacher at the side. 

At the Milo Stadium, kids can be a basketball player, volleyball player, football player or a cheerleader. In every sport and physical activity, there will be an adult staff at the Milo Stadium called Zupervisor, that will supervise the activity for the kids and  teach them how to have proper nutrition and be healthy, and learn the value of team work and the physical benefits of sports to our daily lives.

Milo is active especially every summer vacation, they always launch a series of sports activity for kids every summer and according to the reps of Milo, parents should check out their Facebook page and website for announcement of schedules of upcoming summer sports clinic for kids. And of course, if scheduling is hard to manage for the kids, they can also drop by to KidZania Manila anytime to let their kids try how to be an athlete just for a day only at the Milo Stadium.

According to Jacques Reber, Chairman and CEO of Nestle Philippines, Inc, “For over 50 years, MILO has continued to build champions in sports and life. The opening of our MILO Stadium marks another important chapter in our story as we continue to nourish kids with the winning energy to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and discover the Champion in them.”

Parents, if you are planning to focus on sports for your kids at KidZania Manila, just let them wear proper sports attire and comfy clothings. Also let them wear a jacket.. its so cold inside KidZania Manila. Bring an extra clothes and towel for them to freshen up after the physical activity.

KidZania Manila

Milo Philippines

Me and Ashton during the launch of the MILO Stadium in KidZania Manila

Before the activity, we gulp some Milo drinks.
Ashton loved it and this is his first time to try Milo

Ashton is so proud of himself after he met basketball player Kiefer Ravena and played basketball at the Milo Stadium

Milo Stadium

Media kids

Milo Champ Dance move as warm up for the kiddies

Ashton listens to the briefing

Jacques Reber, Chairman and CEO of Nestle Philippines, Inc

Reps from KidZania Manila

Are you game?

Ashton's first time inside KidZania Manila
This will be serve as his preview before trying the mini city

basketball player Kiefer Ravena and Volleyball player Gretchen Ho

They gave away Milo balls to all media kids

Gretchen Ho signs some volleyballs for the kids

Ashton meets Ravena

Im surprised that Ashton knows now how to dribble
I guess I really need to play with him in our mini court at home

Good job baby boy!

Thanks Milo!
You are truly a winning energy drink

At home, Ashton is so excited to use the Milo basketball in our mini court

Oh man, he is really growing up
Last time I saw him play is that he can't dribble it properly and shoot the ball

He was afraid of the ball when it hits the ring and bounces back
and now he is so hyper active when the ball starts to bounce

Thank you Milo for introducing our kids to sports
You really are a great influence to me when I was a kid and now to my 5 year old son.

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