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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Richie Cruz and his El tindero rhum cocktail to represent the PH for the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Global competition


I’m very happy that our friend Richie Cruz won the first ever Philippine leg of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, he is the first ever Filipino to represent our country and to compete at the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Global competition that will happen soon this April 2016 in San Francisco, USA. Richie will prepare now for another journey because he will compete with 35 bartenders from all over the world.

The final night of the competition for the Philippine leg was held in Buddha Bar last week March 10. I went there to witness the result of the competition and also see our 5 pinoy bartender finalist on how will they present and create their rhum cocktail creations. Thanks to Richie and Mr. Ito for inviting me.

Last month, I was invited to judge an inter school version – the Bacardi U-mix, its similar to the Bacardi Legacy but targeted only for the young students who are taking HRM classes and bartending. That inter school contest is part of Richie and Bacardi’s advocacy to hone the talent and skills of our young bartenders, it will be a good experience for them during their student level, so that as time goes by, they can perfect the skills of being a bartender and mixologist, and then in the future they can be a participant to represent the country for another Bacardi Legacy Global competition.

My experience there is awesome, I got to taste 16 rhum cocktails in one day and judge them all. I was with the 2 finalist and two rhum cocktail aficionados as judges of that day. It was a very different experience, I tried food crawls, coffee adventure and wine tasting, but judging a Bacardi U-mix for students is very unforgettable.

Here at the Bacardi Legacy competition, the performance, presentation and also the competition is not for student level, they require professional bartenders and mixologist to join the contest, and I’ve learned that in the past Bacardi Legacy Global competition there are participants that are Filipino (pure blood) but they represent other countries and not the Philippines.

The mission of Bacardi Philippines is to search for the best of the best rhum cocktails created by a Filipino mixologist, and use it as an entry for the global competition.

Richie Cruz now is our Manny Pacquiao for the Bacardi Legacy, let’s wish that he won the global contest and his El Tindero be a part of a legacy.


Richie’s El tindero rhum cocktail entry. This drink was replicated now by bartenders around Manila and soon around the world.

I’ve tasted it and you can read my review about it and my interview of Richie in my past blog post at

If you want to taste his El tindero, then visit Café Enye in Eastwood City

here’s a run down of the recipe of El Tindero

EL TINDERO by Richie Cruz of Café Enye Bar Eastwood
45ml Bacardi Gold
25ml Coconut Juice/Water
25ml Lager Beer
10ml Muscovado Syrup (2parts Muscovado and 1 part Water
4 Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar
Dessicated Coconut with Muscovado Sugar (toasted)

---> I will try this soon at home.. I loved that muscovado and coconut flavor.


Judges took a photo of El Tindero.


The announcement of winners were the most tense moment at Buddha Bar
here are the list:

4th place
KALIKASAN by Mark Jerrold Bernandino of Scarlet Fort

3rd place
ISLAND SOUVENIR by Marnell Masallo of Skye Lounge Fort

2nd place
BEQUEST by Joey Cerdinia of The Exit Bar Makati

1st place
LITTLE MAN by Mark Alvin Tolentino of Revel ay The Palace Fort

EL TINDERO by Richie Cruz of Café Enye Bar Eastwood


”This trophy validates all those 18 years of doing the profession I love. It also made me realize that I still have to do a lot of "shaking" as long as I still can.....Thank you Bacardi Philippines now it's back to work
- Richie Cruz via Facebook

He also invites everyone to like his FB page
Richie prepares for the global competition, his journey and news will be posted there at El tinder FB page.


Congratulations again Richie!!!



Congratulations to all of the participants and also to Bacardi for finally selecting our representative for the Philippines. Lets go global!!!!! go go go El Tindero.


For more information about the Bacardi Global Legacy Cocktail Competition, visit  and like Bacardi’s Facebook page at

About Bacardi Legacy Cocktail CompetitionThe Bacardi Legacy is a global competition that challenges the best contemporary bartenders in the world to create balanced, refreshing, appealing and enduring drinks that will become part of the illustrious BACARDI Cocktail Legacy alongside classics such as The Original BACARDI Daiquiri and The Original BACARDI Mojito.

The competition recognizes and nurtures the talent of passionate, innovative bar professionals. The global winner’s reward will be truly unique. Bacardi will offer year-long support to further their career by creating experiences tailored to meet their goals – providing them with opportunities to travel, work with the industry’s best and serve their original ‘Legacy’ cocktail at some of the finest bars in the world.

































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