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Monday, March 28, 2016

Sony Philippines introduces the Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera with world’s fastest autofocus (SRP PHP 64999)

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

I got a chance to try Sony’s new mirrorless camera few weeks ago, the Sony Alpha 6300, they market it that their new camera got the world’s fastest autofocus feature, also with the highest number of AF points, that’s a total of 425 autofocus points, with new developed 24.2 MP APS-C Sensor, and this Sony Alpha 6300 can record video in full 4K resolution.

The price introduction to the PH market is listed below

PHP 64,999 – body with 16-50mm kit lens
PHP 56,999 – body only

Sony Alpha 6300 camera will be available this mid April 2016 in all Sony center stores nationwide.

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

My comments:
I did try a quick hands on test and I can say that the camera is very impressive when it comes to fast AF and also the burst shot is so intense. I’ve tried this kind of features in other mirrorless camera, but Sony’s Alpha 6300 stand out due to its fast tracking and there’s no lag during shooting.

I wished that I inserted my SD card on a A6300, so that I can post a sample shot here in my blog. What I find lack on the A6300 is the ability to do a selfie photo, it means that the LCD back panel can’t do front view, but it can do only a swivel to view low and high angle shots. I just hope that Sony added a feature that you can do a self portrait shot.

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

So I did the old method of doing a selfie… I aimed the camera in front of me and did the click… the photo above is the sample of my selfie shot via a 16-50mm kit lens. I guess the Sony A6300 is built not for selfie but for action sports capture, travel, photo shoots and low light environment shoot.

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Here are the features of Sony A6300

- It has the 4D Focus system, the camera can shoot at 0.04 AF speeds, its so fast and you can get up to 11 fps on continuous shooting

- 425 AF points

- High density tracking AF tech activates on focus point with 100% accurate framing for fast moving subjects

- 8fps live view on EVF while on continuous shooting with minimal display lag or delay

- Silent shooting features

- 24.2 MP sensor with BIONZ X image processor for improving images on different lighting conditions

- can record 4K movie in Super 35mm format

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

I really like the idea of Sony that they placed the pop up flash at the middle top of the camera and beside its hot shoe.

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Its really a high tech camera built for any kinds of photo capture adventures.


Sony A6300 with 17-105mm lens

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

At the Sony A6300 introduction event, I got a chance to listen and learn about toy photography from Sony’s selected seminar guest – Ms Sheng Gonzales.

She showed us how to she used the Sony A6300 in taking toy photography

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

Im very impressed on how Sheng can turn small toys get a better view for the big world, the toys became life like even if they are so small. With the correct lighting set up, miniature props and the right camera setting, you can develop a macro view of the toy world coming to life in a different perspective.

Sony Alpha 6300 mirrorless camera launch

At the demo session, she brought her DIY props and miniatures and also her toys, to demo on how to capture these toys the better way.

Awesome day to learn new tricks…Thanks to Sheng and Sony Philippines.
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