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Monday, April 25, 2016

Big D’s Smokehouse restaurant teases us with their new Southern American dishes

Big D's restaurant

The best part of this food tasting trip is to munch on heavy meat in the middle of the afternoon, the funny part is that we visited the 1st branch of the restaurant and later on we learned that the food trip is at their 2nd branch restaurant.

We almost rescheduled the food trip, but I insist that we should continue and travel from QC to Eastwood City just to dive in the most talked about smokehouse ribs in town at Big D’s Smokehouse restaurant.

Big D's restaurant

I learned that the restaurant offers Southern American dishes,my mind just flashes lots of grilled and smokey barbecue ribs and nothing displayed on my mind after.

My fellow blogger John Bueno of told us that the restaurant was first seen in the restaurant belt along Katipunan Ave, then they transferred here in Tomas Morato, QC and then later on they put up a 2nd branch which is now located at the 2nd floor at the City walk of Eastwood City.

Big D's restaurant

In Eastwood City.

I like the branch here in Eastwood City, its much more cozy, cool and also the interiors will get you a clue what kind of cuisine they offer.

The 1st branch in QC is a small restaurant, occupying a small room with air conditioner and with al fresco dining, I heard that the place is popular at night for group dining and drinking sessions after work.

Big D's restaurant

Inside their branch in Eastwood City.

Big D's restaurant

Chef Gino Paul Peralta

Chef Gino is Mr. Big D’s, the main food cowboy of the restaurant, he invited us to try their best seller and also the new dishes that will be up in their new menu.

I also learned from Chef Gino that their new Big D’s Smokehouse 3rd resto branch will open soon in BGC this coming June.

I’m so excited for that 3rd branch and Im super glad that its getting closer to the southern area.

Big D's restaurant

Pulled Pork Platter Nachos
PHP 265

Chef Gino drop this in our table, it’s a humongous set of a Pulled Pork Platter Nachos.
The nachos are all homemade by Big D’s and their pulled pork are prepared behind their kitchen.

The Pulled Pork Platter Nachos is very addicting and I never stop grabbing a bite… perfect partner for an iced cold beer and a chismis from your friends.

Big D's restaurant

Hush puppies - balls with parmesan, cheese pimiento and mozzarella, jalapeno
PHP 175

Best served while its hot. Because the triple cheese inside the hush puppies will melt inside your mouth after taking a bite.

I also enjoyed eating this because of the spicy kick at the middle of the bite, thanks to that jalapeno in adding minty spicy flavor after going cheesy nirvana.

Big D's restaurant

NO NAME AND PRICE YET, but it’s a cured corned beef meat with hash brown and some kind of a spicy dirty fried rice with chorizo

It’s a perfect combo meal for me, I loved the corned beef (especially the cured and home made version) plus a dirty fried rice with some chorizo spices. But the fun didn’t end there after you ate all of the meat.

Big D's restaurant

Check out the hash brown under the cured corned beef, It looks so common and not so special, but when I took a bite and saw the domino effect of the corned beef on top of it, the hash brown absorbs those yummy oily juices of the cured corned beef, and that brought me to oh la la moments.

Grabe, sana available na ito sa menu. Chef Gino told us that this might be launched around May or June.

Big D's restaurant

Steam pot shrimps
PHP 490

I thought that the smokey ribs will be my fave here in Big D’s, but of course they are and its always my fave, but this time, my eyes and heart goes to their Steam pot shrimps. It looked like an ordinary shrimps cooked in a boiled bag with onions and sweet corn, but I can say that the juices from the shrimp added lots of flavor combined with bits of chorizo that added some spice that went all over to the steamed sweet corn.

It’s a food flavor that I’m searching for and something that I should be sharing to all my readers. If you will visit Big D’s, I suggest you order this!

Big D's restaurant

Southern Platter

Here’s a new platter set from Big D’s it’s a --- 2 feet platter with lots of meat!
It contains roasted chicken, sausages, sweet corns, potato fries, and a slab of ribs.

No price yet, but I estimate the pricing maybe around PHP1,800+ the platter is good for 4-5 persons.

Big D's restaurant

Big D's restaurant

Forget the world around you when this slab of rib is infront of you, my concern is that my seatmate might be eating most of it, so I always make sure to look on their plate and see how many rib bones are left hahahaha.

Its my first time here at Big D’s and I’m not disappointed. Their food, esp. the steamed pot shrimps will be on my top list to order.

Big D's restaurant

Ted and John, can you pass the sauce pls….

Big D's restaurant

Big D’s Smokehouse

1. 2nd floor City Walk, Eastwood City
2. 2nd floor Pos building Sct Madriñan cor Tomas Morato/Eastwood Citywalk2 2nd floor Unit 2d, Libis Quezon City
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