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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kel Fabie and the Pinoy Mentalism awakens

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

The plan started last February, when Kel Fabie, our blogger friend at and writer at , who is also a mentalist (some say he is a magician, but they don’t want to label them as magicians) shared a plan with me that he and his Mind Play,a pinoy mentalism group are organizing a free show for bloggers, the concept is to showcase our pinoy mentalist, mind readers, illusionist and comedians to the mainstream market.

Kel told me that some of the members of their group are fresh and new and all of them are excited to show off their mentalism skills. So he organized a show last April 28th at Burger Company in Scout Reyes, corner Mother Ignacia, QC.

Our target is to invite 20 bloggers to attend the show, but right in the smack of the event date, 10 bloggers showed up, others weren’t available due to traffic and also schedule conflicts. But we’re glad that Kel and his friends were there to watch the show too, and we expected a full house that night and even that I arrived late and missed the entire show, Im happy to see that everyone enjoyed and are still in a buzzed about the card tricks, rubix cube tricks, orange fruit tricks and many more.

In other words, every are so hyper because of what they experienced are hard to explain. Is it magic? it is really mind reading? or is it just mind play?

I can say that our mind are still mind blown after the series of performance of Kel and his team.

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Here’s Kel Fabie performed an encore for us late comers hahahah.
Thanks Kel

He guessed which one of us five people are keeping the black ball.
How did Kel did that??? awesome

I’ve seen Kel doing these stuff since 10 years ago, and I can see that his performance are getting better and better, the last time I saw him was in a full scale show that he organized a for charity. I hope he can pull off another event like that next time.
Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Commercial muna… grabe sarap nito Bacons sa Burger Company
san sila naka kuha nito? hahha

We dip the bacon in this cheddar cheese.. so good, so yummy.

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Nomer doing the bending fork trick

The mind reading show features, Kel Fabie aka the Khan of Though
Anthony Andres (the Mentalino)
Nomer Masala (the Mind Master)
Jerome Mccuin (Kawawang Kowboy, host of the event)

Kel and his Mind Play, pinoy mentalism group is now available for booking for shows and events
You may contact Kel Fabie at with email:
and FB page -

here are the some photos from the encore performance

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie

Mentalism and mind reading with Kel Fabie
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