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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Maxi Peel–bagong ganda, bagong pagasa campaign features Jefferlyn Serrano’s TunaySerye vlog

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

There’s a short TVC that I noticed on TV last week, it was a video of a young girl with lots of pimples on her face and then she mentioned that she will do a series of video blogs or vlog to document on how she use the Maxi Peel exfoliant solution to beat her pimples.

When I saw that TV ad, I said to myself that kind of marketing gimmick will sure work because the age of digital videos made by consumers are a super hit in these days, and a proof is that we have those beauty bloggers, consumers and vloggers publishing video content online to show the world if a product is effective or a flop.

There are 3 topics that I learned from this Maxi Peel event
It was about – Jefferlyn Serrano, Marian Rivera and Maxi Peel.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Maxi Peel is the no. 1 exfoliant solution in the country, their products are present since 2001.
According to them they can deliver a promise of clearer, blemish-free, and fairer skin with the use of their products.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

There are several products that was developed by Maxi Peel, a product that can help complete the beauty regimen of the user and also a product that can help bring hope to those people who have skin problems.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Enter: Jefferlyn Serrano, a 20 year old, fresh college graduate that was selected by Maxi Peel to be their consumer subject for their 2016 advertising campaign “TunaySerye”.

Jeff shares to everyone that her pimple problem made her lose talent and acting projects, this made her depressed for years. Jeff shows a pretty face, but her pimples are very visible and it’s a bit annoying. Jeff mentioned that her skin problem is not just an ordinary pimple, its already an acne that getting worse.



Jeff’s face on the TV ad of Maxi Peel
They showed her bare face with out make up and we can see the natural skin tone and condition.
There’s pimple on her forehead and also on cheeks.


The TV ad of Maxi Peel invites everyone to visit their Facebook - to watch the full video blog of Jefferlyn’s TunaySerye

When I met Jeff at the event, she told me that it was her 7th day in using Maxi Peel exfoliant solution. I noticed that the big pimple on her forehead starts to deplete.

The video blogs of Jeff started from Day 1 of her journey with Maxi Peel.


Jeff shares also how to use and apply the Maxi Peel product to her face.
This is good…a way to educate people on how to use the product properly.

Im sure Maxi Peel is also behind the lecture series.


At Day 4, we noticed that Jeff’s skin starts to peel
It’s a good sign that her dead skin will be removed naturally by peeling.

Bacteria and dirt on skin pores will be removed once the skin peels.


At Day 5, we saw a glowy skin from Jeff.
Not yet the complete skin peel. But we saw that Jeff is happy about the result.



According to a rep. of Maxi Peel. The skin peeling will take a week or two to get a full skin peel.
If the skin is already pimple free--- you may take a rest for two months without using the product, and then use the Maxi Peel exfoliant solution again to main and remove those dead skin on your face. Time to peel again and get a fresher skin.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

We were surprised to see Marian Rivera appeared at the Maxi Peel event.
I learned that Marian Rivera is the brand ambassador of Maxi Peel, this year 2016 is her 8th year as brand endorser of Maxi Peel.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Jeff was surprised too when she saw Marian Rivera enters the venue and walks towards her.
We learned also that Jeff is a die hard fan of Marian Rivera.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Her first ever meet up with Marian Rivera gave her lots of tears…we also saw Jeff’s mom crying at the back when she saw her daughter Jeff in heavenly happiness.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

The two got acquainted infront of us media. It was a funny moment ever. Marian was shocked too that her die hard fan Jeff, knows a lot of info about Marian.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Jeff’s dream to live a life without pimples will soon be a reality. And also meeting with her idol Marian Rivera gives her more inspiration to pursue to go back to talent and acting projects.

Btw, Jeff is a candidate of Starstruck, and she reached the 30th level of the acting and talent contest on GMA.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Jefferlyn Serrano and Marian Rivera finally met.

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Its my 2nd time to meet Marian Rivera in person, and as always. she’s so beautiful

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Good luck and more power to you Jeff
Thanks for inspiring everyone

Maxi Peel - bagong ganda, bagong pagasa

Okay, this blogger might do a TunaySerye vlog too hahahah

Thanks Maxi Peel.
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