PH election 2016 - I skate, I walk, I vote


I finally finished casting my vote for this Philippine election 2016, its one of the most exciting part as a Filipino citizen, because it made us being involved and know your duty to help the country placed in a better status.

We know that the election 2016 is the most high energy and nerve racking election ever, because it involved everyone, and we see the discussions non stop since last year in social media and we finally reached the finale days of the election this May 9, but its not yet over, we have to wait for a 24 hour count and submission of all votes from all over the Philippines.


On election day, Our plan is to wake up at 7am and then visit the precinct at 9am, we want to finish the voting early so that we can go to Starbucks and join on that promo for a buy one take one of their Frappuccino. But the plan failed, because we woke up at 7:30am. I let my wife and her sister vote first, while Im at home with our son and then after one hour they are back here and then I went out for my chance to vote.

It was so hot at around 12nn and I don’t want to walk all the day going to the precinct, so I decided to ride my skateboard and ride til I reached the voting center.


But before that, I learned that I forgot my precinct number. Thanks to wife’s sister that she reminded me to use the Comelec App, I installed it and then I searched my name with details to reveal my designated precinct number. I should use that number to locate for the venue where I can send my vote.


I arrived at the precinct after 15 minutes. I saw this long line and I got worried that I might get baked under the sun for hours waiting for my turn to vote. Im glad that I brought my steel tumbler with cold water, some Oishi snacks and a wet wipes, just to make me feel comfy through out the voting process.

One of the ushers asked me for my precinct number, and then they brought me to this door with no lines.

I was so happy when I saw that there’s no line, I enteredm then received my ballot form, and then inserted it in the PCOS machine, and received a receipt as a report for my voted candidates, it was fast and no errors encountered.


I finished the voting in less than 10 minutes. That was the fastest ever, thanks to my cheat sheet of candidates, it help me vote so fast and easy. The electoral voting is really impressive. Its fast, reliable and it can’t be hacked or cheated.

Whew! my work is done.. I hope you voted too.
If you haven’t, then go out now, because the extension of voting is til up to 6pm only.