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Monday, July 11, 2016

Ichiba Japanese Market in Newport Mall–my taste and try experience


Ichiba Japanese Market restaurant in Resorts World Manila can teleport you in a Japan setting and it can give you a different experience in eating your Japanese food. Inside the restaurant is all wooden table and bench similar to some ramen houses in Japan and it gives a kawaii kind of vibe and I can’t help to say “itadakimasu!”

I’ve heard of this restaurant months before on Facebook and also on some blogs. So when I got a chance to be in Resorts World Manila, I really went here to try and taste the food they offer.


Ichiba is located at the 2nd floor of Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. You can notice this restaurant right away because its different and eye flashy among other restaurants at the 2nd level. Also you’ll see that cute inflatable octopus guarding the gates of the restaurant.

When I was in RWM last month, I went here to check their menu, and then I learned that the pricing of their food is very affordable and much lower than the food pricing of a Japanese restaurant.

So my plan was..ok, on my next visit in RWM, I will drop by here and try their ramen.
I invited my wife to dine with me, but she’s lazy to travel, so when I got a booking to cover an event in Remington Hotel, I went here right away as soon as the event finishes.


Inside Ichia Japanese Market.


With me is Edel of
She planned to stay in café just to blog but I told her she can accompany me to try and taste the food here in Ichiba. But her plan was ruined, because we just chat and watch me eat my ramen haha.


selfie in a restaurant with a Japanese setting
btw, hindi kanin yun nasa baba ko… parang glare lang yan ng ilaw


There’s a takoyaki store inside, where you can order for your table or just go straight to this store and take home the takoyaki

price of the takoyaki is around PHP 100+
mura na


One of the charm of this restaurant is that they have a display of live fish and lobsters.
People can buy them on the spot and cook it while its fresh depends on what recipe you want.


This is the table mat of Ichiba, it’s a mat and a map of what you can do inside Ichiba
There are also trivia info about Japanese food and about the restaurant.

Below is the menu


Ramen set with gyoza
PHP 285

Ramen with Karaage
PHP 335

Ramen with chahan
PHP 350

Ramen with tempura
PHP 375

Sorry, I don’t have the photo of the rest of the menu


Tonkotsu miso chashu ramen
PHP 360

I just want the ramen and with no other combo, because Im on diet and I don’t want to fill my tummy with lots of gyoza.

I was looking for a pork based soup for my ramen, but they only have this miso soup base.


For me, it’s the best ramen!

I love the taste and the aroma of their ramen.
The pork tonkotsu meat is soft and tasty.

I didn’t ordered any soft drinks or tea to partner with my ramen, I just have water, because I don’t want to contaminate my taste buds.

Their ramen is delicious, and Im going back if ever Im at RWM again.


Im satisfied and I found another restaurant that serves the best ramen.


After my ramen tripping, I went around Ichiba and see what else I can do.
I took a selfie with this giant spider crab statue


At the mini store inside Ichiba, you can dress up yourself as a fish or a squid
This is for your photo op and Instragramish activities


Here’s myself wearing a squid head gear..
I posted this on Facebook and told everyone that I am now a KAIJU hahaha


I found some Takoyaki condiments sold inside their store
I took a pic of it so that my wife knows where to buy some.


I don’t know what’s inside. But it looks like a cracker with crab flavor


Ichiba also sells these cute donuts and muffins dress
They look like a toy but its real food for the kids




cute di ba?

For promos, announcement and food offerings,
go visit and follow Ichiba Japanese Market on Facebook
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