7 Eleven’s CLIQQ app for rewards–add this to your life hack


If you are a frequent buyer of products and food at 7 Eleven, then I suggest you try and download their CLIQQ app in your smartphone to turn those PHP50 purchase into 1 point reward.
Yes! rewards!

You can now earn rewards by acquiring first their CLIQQ app, then register to have your own account and then just show to the 7 Eleven counter the special BAR CODE generated by CLIQQ app so that they can scan it and transfer your total purchase into your account and earn a reward.

Imagine if you have more purchase, those rewards can turn into an instant virtual money that you can use at 7 Eleven.


The reward system at 7 Eleven existed since 2013 as the 7 Eleven Everyday Rewards. Back then we need to get a free plastic card for the bar coding system. I was happily using it during our long stay in Tagaytay, because back then, our only source of cheaper food is at 7 Eleven. Ayun tambay kami lagi tuwing umaga, hapon at gabi for their yummy jumbo bola bola siopao.


But I guess that 7 Eleven switches to “save the planet Earth” thing and ditches the plastic card production. Imagine bazillion of customers in all over the country visiting 7 Eleven, and they claim those free cards and few of them will just use it or some will just throw it away. Yeah this scenario always happens.

It’s a great move for them to just use a mobile app and transfer the bar coding system on the app itself. No more plastic card production – mas magastos kasi yun

Here’s the former plastic card reward system back in 2013.


Then on 2014, I was introduced to CLIQQ, it applies your Every Day Reward account and transfer it directly into your mobile app account. It’s a smooth transaction and you just have to flash your phone after purchasing an item.

The best part of the CLIQQ app is that it shows a lot of information like – 1) how many points you earn 2) list of items you can redeem using the rewards 3) promo information of 7 Eleven and the best feature of all is that --- the CLIQQ app entitles you for a 70MB FREE WIFI internet access in all 7 Eleven branches nationwide. Then if you want to top up your data surfing, you can use your CLIQQ rewards to add more MB for your mobile internet connection.

There’s also the CLIQQ kiosk in some branches where you can use your account to buy load, e-pins, pay bills and add cash to your e-money accounts. (I haven’t tried this before)


Today, 7 Eleven now uses the CLIQQ app system for your rewards and FREE WIFI access from their stores.


Here’s my account at CLIQQ – because my wife now uses my old Every Day Rewards account and CLIQQ account, I downloaded the app again and registered a new account to host my rewards.

You should try it too, because rewards in every purchase are convenient and “sulit” to us convenience store patrons.

To know more about CLIQQ
visit their website at www.cliqq.net