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Friday, September 16, 2016

AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016 awards night aftermath / grand winner reveal

PBNET team at AirAsia Travel Photographer awards night
I didn't expected that Im so tense and excited for the awards night of AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016, just like in a telenovela on TV, when you saw the first part of the series, you'll get hook and be excited to see the final episode. For this contest, the awards night is the final episode and everything will be revealed here.

I arrived late due to the traffic in Cavite and EDSA, so I arrived 2 hours late and I just missed the revelation of the 3 finalist.

I was eating at my table and then I'm surprised that Jon Zuniga, the lawyer who loves to travel and one of the 6 finalist of this contest, approached me on my table and we got to meet for the very first time. I campaigned for Jon in social media, me as his social media and blogger partner for this year's AirAsia Travel Photographer contest, I absorbed all of his photography entries and I believed that he will make it to the top 3.

After a chat, then he told me that he didn't make it to the top 3, but he received a special award for doing a theme photography challenge.

My mind got a hard time processing what he meant, maybe because Im so hyper last night and didn't get the message that he bag the special award only. But that's okay, for me he is the best, because his photography works really inspires me and everyone in my Facebook timeline.

Btw, there will be a web series about the AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016, you can catch the 1st episode here at

and more to come in AirAsia Philippines' Facebook page

I do hope that AirAsia can upload the photo entries of our 6 finalist at their website


Here are the top 3 finalist
1. Dave Poblete, BDO employee
2. Kimberly Pauig, Writer
3. Daniel Magbanua, Fashion photographer


Here's the moment when Kimberly's name was revealed as the grand winner of the AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016.

It's a shock for all, some of us are on a bet that Dave Poblete will win


Winning moment: Kimberly Pauig and the judges

According to a fellow photographer who was at the event, he is in shock to know the final result, maybe because its the taste of the judges and they've found Kimberly's photo entries has more story on it and not the visuals of photography.


Contest participant, winners and judges


Here's our first meet up, Jon and me, finally!
He took home 3 awards that night
1. Theme award
2. Appreciation award
3. AirAsia BIG theme award

pwede na!!! almost took home all the awards

Congrats Jon!

He was in a hurry that night because he needs to catch his flight to Netherlands. Wow that's really a proof that this lawyer from Antipolo is a Travel Photographer.


One of Jon's entry that won the AirAsia BIG Theme photo challenge


Group hug!


Great to see you Enrico Dee of


So next year...we promised that we will be on stage and do our best to come up an entry for next year's AirAsia Travel Photographer 2017.

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