Pizza Hut Philippines launches new pizza online order-delivery web app


Pizza Hut is operating in the Philippines for 35 years and they brought 180+ branches nationwide, also they are the pioneer for online ordering of pizza, but the yester-years of online ordering and home delivery is very different if you will compare it with online orders of present time.

Today, the Philippines is so ready for online shopping, ordering and online payments, it took us another decade to perfect e-commerce and we're so glad that with this kind of online service, it brought us convenience in many ways.


I was about to check out that Pizza thing, so I traveled from Makati to Cubao, and here's what I saw during the time of rush hour.

If you'll meet a friend in a Pizza Hut resto for you to have dinner, do you think you can make it on time? hahahaha it took us 2 hours crawling from Ayala to Cubao, I guess it was not our day.

I just hope that we meet in her home and just order pizza thru online.

ONLINE 5.5x4.25in

Pizza Hut Philippines now launches their new website and web app with features of online order and home deliver.

The main website is now a new and revamped website with online order capability. To order, you have to register first and fill out those requirements such as name, contact number and home address.

Then you can order and choose if you want your pizza to be delivered today in a certain location. Also the new Pizza Hut PH online ordering web app will let you have an option to have a scheduled pizza home delivery, it means that you can create a schedule of pizza order and delivery on a certain date and time, its up to you if you want to surprise yourself to have pizza every lunch time.

The new online ordering web app will enable you to order pizza while traveling, if you prefer to pick up the pizza to any Pizza Hut branches near you, you can pre-order the pizza right away, pay it online or pay it once you arrived in the store.

Modes of payment is thru online - credit card or COD

The good thing for the launch of the website is that it gives FREE PIZZA for first time users. For a minimum spend of PHP 500, each new users are entitled to receive a free regular Hawaiian Supreme Pizza. So check out and order now your 1st 2 pizza!

5 Reasons to Love Pizza Hut

Check out the guide on how to use the web app.
Unfortunately, the online ordering system is a web app and not entirely a stand alone mobile app. But that's okay. The website can be accessed in any computer with internet and also in any mobile devices such as smartphones,tablets and pocket pc.

-- behind the scenes --


Our friends are so busy writing their online order at Pizza Hut's website


The web app is a bit difficult to understand for first timers, but you'll get along once you get familiarized on your first user hands on with the web app.

Tip: Just write your home address and don't use the drop down menu to select city street. The web app will load all street location and it loads too slow, because it eats a lot of memory.


My moment to try the Pizza Hut new website.


After registering my account, you can see first the promo offerings of Pizza Hut


I ordered thus PHP 499 hot deals Family Pizza. This gave me another pizza, which is available for FREE.


I ordered this Singaporean Laksa.
It was a challenge for me...and I thought it was a nasty flavor. I love Laksa noodle soup, but I was wrong.... the Laksa pizza of Pizza Hut tastes so good!! so delicious and it captured my taste buds' demand hahah.

I will order more when I get home.


We tested the online web app and we got our orders in less than 30 minutes.
Its obviously fast, because we are at Oasis Gateway mall and the nearest Pizza Hut branch is just outside the mall, located at Kia Theater.


Happy to meet my pizza deliver guy.
thumbs up for a fast transaction and deliver.


Eat that pizza!


Im not a fan of the pan pizza, but I still prefer the thin crust, its much more tasty than the pan crust.
Hmmm I should try that Mexican Dynamite and Italian Bacon Margherita.


Pizza hallelujah!


So we ordered too many pizza that night hahahah


Ending the pizza party with a group photo op!