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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lethal Weapon tv series airs at WARNER TV every Thurs 8PM

Lethal Weapon 3

Im sure some of us guys grew up with the movie Lethal Weapon, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. I remember that it was one of the best action-comedy movie that I've seen in the big screen during the early 80s. My dad is a big fan of this movie and its funny that he even got the hairstyle of Mel Gibson during the Lethal Weapon movie-era.

There are many talks after Lethal Weapon 4 movie, many were speculating in the past that there should be another movie. But flash back to present day and it seems that the franchise holder of Lethal Weapon decided to make a remake of the movie, and instead of making movie remaking, they produced the reboot version into a TV series.

Cowboy days are a thing of the past, for the tv series of Lethal Weapon they tried to capture new audiences that are not familiar of the 4 part classic movie by inserting elements that are easy to recognize and relate -- example -- Uber, Apple and those gadgets that we use it every day.

Lethal Weapon 8

The new tv series still uses the main and original characters , minus the old actors of the original film. Lethal Weapon tv series introduces Clayne Clawford as Martin Riggs and the funny guy Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. Just like in the movies, they became partner and encountered so many issues and conflicts that haunted their past and also their work as an LA cop.

I just saw the pilot episode in a press screening and I can say that the pilot episode just gave some Lethal Weapon formula to capture the attention of their audience by piecing together a story line that are not dragging, the 1st episode gave some funny and entertaining moments and I just can't stop laughing at it and enjoy the Lethal Weapon for the new breed.

Lethal Weapon, the tv series, was scheduled to air last Sept 22, 2016 (Im so sorry, I forgot to blog about this last week). The tv series is scheduled to air at WARNER TV every Thurs at 8pm, with replays at Thurs around lunch time and Saturday around night time (check WARNER TV for scheduling)

The series airs at WARNER TV, airs the same day as it is in the US. So no need to lag, and catch the up to date episode every week at WARNER TV.

-- scenes from the launch --


LAPD cop blocked me and ask to inspect my body if I carry a lethal weapon


I think she's a model turned LAPD cop


I dont know if my dad will love this new series. But for me, its one of the best new series to air this month


Marianne Lee, VP-content and entertainment of Turner Asia Pacific


Looks like someone got busted!!!

Lethal Weapon 2

Watch Lethal Weapon tv series every Thurs at 8pm only at WARNER TV

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