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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sofitel Manila's sushi all you can - aftermath


The sushi all you can promo by Sofitel Manila spread through my FB news feed during the start of September, I went to their FB and I saw that the promo started since July and it was an extension of some sort that they want more people to experience their eat all you can sushi.

Me and my wife were planning to visit and book a reservation for the sushi all you can, then I got lucky that I won a GC from the Oktoberfest press launch and it reminded me that we should go next week. The GC is good for one person, I told my wife that I can pay for the extra, since we have plans already. The problem from my side is booking a good schedule.

There was a time that she want to sched it on a Tuesday, but when I checked the details posted at Sofitel Manila's sushi all you can FB ad, it says that the promo is good for M-W-F and it will end at the end of September.

We rescheduled and told her that I got a booking, then I saw some post on FB about some disappointment of customers. So I checked what was the rant all about and then some people warned me about it.

Hmmm.I guess I need to confirm if this is true --- that the promo is strictly only to the chef's recommendation, kinda like an Omakase style --- which made me more excited because I want something that can surprise me, since I eat everything that is sushi, sashimi and maki, We're game for that!

But then I received via email, and it says that the hotel will serve the sushi and sashimi on a bento box, and we have option to choose which box and we can ask for re-fill if we finish all of it.

Ok. challenge accepted!


4 days before our planned lunch date, I visited the registration form and sent this as my reservation request.

My registration and mesage:

RE: Reservation/Inquiry to Sushi All You Can

hi Sofitel
I am a holder of this Sushi all you can gift certificate, I got one from the Oktoberfest press launch.
The certificate is good for one person, but Im good to pay for extra for my companion, my wife.
Will wait for your answer regarding my reservation for two at Le Bar

Their reply and confirmation:

Dear Mr Azrael,
Bonsoir Mabuhay!
Thank you for your interest in dining at Sofitel. Please see below details regarding the Sushi All You Can Promo: 
SUSHI ALL YOU CANLe Bar and Snaps Sports Bar11am to 7pm, September 2016 
Experience a journey of taste as Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila presents delectable dishes from the land of the rising sun. Treat yourself to an array of unlimited sushi and sashimi set in the traditional Japanese bento box. Enjoy this featured offer of refillable Japanese delicacies available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting the month of September, 2016 at Le Bar and Snaps Sports Bar.
Rate: Php 999nett per person 
Bento Box Options:
  • Sushi Sashimi Bento with Miso Soup
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Tuna Sashimi
  • Tamago Sashimi
  • Octopus Nigiri
  • Ebi Nigiri
  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Tuna Nigiri
  • Korean Raddish
  • Shiso Leaf

  • Sushi Maki Bento with Miso Soup
  • California Maki
  • Futomaki
  • Crispy Salmon Maki
  • Ebi nigiri
  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Tuna Nigiri
  • Squid Nigiri
  • Crabstick Nigiri
Terms and Conditions:
  • Promo is for dine-in and valid for a 2-hour period only. Latest reservation is at 5pm.
  • Once seated, orders will be taken and upon arrival of the first bento box, the 2-hour period will commence.
  • Left-over food is not allowed. Excess food may not be taken out and will be charged accordingly.
  • This promo is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Le Bar and Snaps Sports Bar starting September 2, 2016 until September 30, 2016.
  • Online registration & reservation is required and is subject to space availability.
  • Group Dining Certificates and Accor Advantage Card may not be used in conjunction with this promotion.
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, special events and/or discount program.
TIME: September 21 Wednesday 11:00 AM
NO. OF PERSONS: 2 persons

We will be holding your table for fifteen minutes.
Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Best Regards,
(im not posting the name of the sender)
Food & BeverageSales and Reservations Center
So I read all details and I felt relieved that you just need to choose which bento box you want to order, then my contact at Sofitel confirmed to me that they allow their dining guest to customize the content of their bento box.

For example, if you want all Salmon Sashini in one bento box, they can do it as per your request. Just make sure you know how many you can consume and left overs are strictly not allow, or else you'll pay extra. Those are the rules.


After arriving at Sofitel Manila, we went to Le Bar, my choice as our lunch date venue, I didn't like the Sports Bar venue because its a smoking area. Here at Le Bar, it is strictly a non-smoking area.
The lady at Le Bar greeted us and assisted us on getting a seat. Btw, we were 30 minutes late, because of the traffic, and we're lucky that the bar is not fully occupied.


Then this guy asked us about the bento box. I forgot his name, but the name spells like "Thunder" or Thadeus, or something.


Time to order!
My wife Lace already knows what she will order, she read already the email I forwarded to her few days ago and she will go for the Bento Box 1 -- filled with lots of sashimi

Then she told me that I should order the Bento Box 2 -- gosh, filled with lots of maki.


So we ordered this, Mr. Thunder guy, asked us if we want a customized version of the bento box, but then I told him, I prefer to order what's on the list, because I'm curious on how many sushi is available inside the box.

He asked us if we want some tea, so we ordered two different kinds of tea. At first, I thought it was free, then my wife told me, the tea is not FREE hahhaha. Ok, I may need to pay that. But that's okay, this is our lunch date and will do everything to make my lady love happy.


I can see from my seat the bar staff preparing our hot tea.


And here's my tea.
I ordered a kind of tea that is similar to a Japanese black tea.


Our bento box arrived after 10 minutes, and look at the face of my wife.
hahahahaha..sobra happy.




Here's my bento box
filled with lots of maki

I was so afraid that I might not finish it all.


Bento Box 1
Lace's sashimi


Each bento box comes with a free miso soup


Chibog time!


All done.
So we plan to make a customized bento box. Mr Thunder guy went back to our table and he took our orders.


Lace ordered this 4 pcs each


Then I ordered this 3 pcs each -- tuna, salmon and tamago

my tummy is already full because of the heavy maki from the bento box 2. I quit eating that day and I dont want our selves to over indulge.

We're satisfied already and we spent 1 1/2 hours staying at Le Bar. I think 2 hours is enough for a restaurant time for the sushi all you can promo. You can eat 2-3 bento box if you are a fast eater, but mind you that eating too much raw will give you more cravings to eat sweets haha.


Sushi all you can promo of Sofitel Manila is about to end this Sept 30.
Go book now for the last 2 remaining schedule this week

Btw, I posted a video blog about our food adventure, you can watch it below

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