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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Google Philippines opens new HQ in Manila + check out the photos inside their new home


Google Philippines opened their 1st office here in Manila in 2013 and after 4 years, they’ve formally opened a new home and HQ. Google Philippines shared a story that back in 2013, the were just a start up here in the Philippines and they’ve waited for 4 years to grow and this prompt them to open a new HQ for them to continue supporting the growth of the digital economy of the Philippines.

Google Philippines announced that Google.Org gave a grant to DigiBayanihan, a nationwide digital literacy program that promotes digital inclusions to Filipinos. The program aims to support and train one million Filipinos located in Visayaas and Mindanao, as part of its digital literacy advocacy. Expecting in coming years, many new developers will soon rise to help the country’s digital economy.

Google Philippines will also help train our young developers in the country through their Launchpad Accelerator program. This program provides free support to help start ups and companies who uses digital tech in their field and business. And through Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program, it helped real-estate start-up Zipmatch, an online portal that produces an innovated 360 degrees virtual view of real estate properties. Google sent Zipmatch’s developers to Silicon Valley to train more and expand their knowledge to develop more digital solutions.

Launchpad Accelerator Program -
DigiBayanihan -

Google.Org is the philanthropic arm of Google that supports and champions people and projects that create  solutions to major problems and biggest human challenges of the 21st century


“This step is part of our continuing effort to create a stronger, more inclusive digital economy in the Philippines. While Internet penetration has improved over the last five years, 2 out of 5 Filipinos are still missing out on the huge opportunities that come with being online. We want to empower them with digital know-how so that they can make the most of the Internet,”
- Ken Lingan, Google Philippines country manager

Ken Lingan also mentioned that they are also helping content creators – Youtubers and vloggers to be better content creators, Ken shared that there’s a Youtube partnership and program for content creators, its an online training program to help content creators to make better content, monetize their content and also produce content targeted for Filipinos.


Google Philippines is on the move also to combat fake news site. Ken said that Google is  prioritizing the legit site to appear on Google and this can help reduce fake news site or blogs that causes mis-information to digital users.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez was present at the event as the guest of honor, endorsed our entrepreneurs and SMEs should learn how to use and harness the power of digital technology for their business, they have available training programs at DTI agencies nationwide and also they invite to learn more at Google Philippines through their Google business programs.


Google Philippines shared the big news that they’e added 200 more Street View sites in Google Maps, these are new 360 degrees view of the popular heritage site, tourist site and landscape here in the Philippines. They also worked with the Intramuros Administration for new projects such us producing a high res images of 76 wooden sculptures and artifacts, and also a Google Cardboard tour of the walled city of Intramuros.

Intramuros -
Palawan -
Guimaras -

Google Philippines just opened their new home, this means that they are now expanding their office in the country. If you are interested to work with them, just visit their Google Careers page at

Here's what's inside the HQ of


Google and the Philippines Map
- This light up installation was turned on via a mobile app. The light up of the locator pin pointing the location of Google Philippines HQ in Manila

Soon, more locator pin will appear if ever Google PH expands through out the region.

No photos and videos of their meeting room, work station and other areas. We are not allowed to take photos of it. But let me describe the walls of their workstation --- a wall design simulating the view of El Nido's rocky mountains and the ocean


The Google Philippines logo
This is the background of their welcome floor and front desk. As you can see, they imitated a design of the traditional house in Batanes. Yes, those are real rocks!


G logo at the ceiling.
They added that for selfie


LED powered clouds set up


Google Cardboard are everywhere
There's a phone inside that displays the 360 degrees photo from Street View


Each Google Cardboard has this info sign about the Street View content.
Featuring the popular sites in the Philippines.


Inside the conference room, they have these colorful fan made from buli leaves.
It stay there as a banderitas, a traditional display for town fiestas.


Google on the big LED screen
on the floor: Gail Tan, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Philippines


Google bricks


At the welcome area you'll see an art mural featuring our local jeepneys


Android feeling handsome!


Its more fun in the Philippines!!


There's so much fun inside Google Philippines' office.
Check out their Basketball hoop and table tennis area

Btw that Android figure looks like Manny Pacquiao.


Comfy seat made from the Philippines and also a window view of sky scrapers.


Inay means mother
Its a breast feeding room for moms and babies.


Inside the cafeteria
One of my fave areas inside their office.


The cafeteria wall display captions and words that is so Pinoy!


Also over flowing of food for all employees!!! OMG!!




They also have healthy food and snacks available at this cabinet


I super love their dining table made from recycled woods


Halo Halo shooters


A ref filled with lots of dairy drinks and healthy snacks.
They say that Google employees can eat any time they want..



My food on the table!!


That's my visitors badge for Google Philippines.


Congratulations Google Philippines!!!

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