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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1 young princess to win at the "I Dare to Dream" concert tomorrow (buy tickets now! use our promo code for 50% off))

When Globe revealed that they will be producing some video content online and maybe soon for the big screen, the first to showcase on what their Globe Studios can do is produce a reality talent show format in collaboration with Disney. 

They've announce the audition months ago inviting kids to be part of the digital reality series "I Dare to Dream", 6 young girls were chosen after the audition and now they are the star of the reality series "I Dare to Dream". There's a story revealed in the life of the "I Dare to Dream princess", you can learn from it by watching the entire digital video series at

The good part to be one of the selected "I Dare to Dream princess" is that they will be mentored personally by Lea Salonga, who was also a Disney Princess after working with Disney to do voice of two popular Disney characters and also do vocals on each song of the Disney movies.

 The 6 girls stayed in one house, each personality can be seen on how they interact with fellow I Dare to Dream princesses, also they join challenges as part of the contest to let them see what are their strength and weaknesses. All of it are part of the mentorship program and this will help them build more confidence and focus for the contest

Here are the 6 hopefuls of the Disney Princess' I Dare to Dream


Hya (16yrs old) dreams to be a broadway singer just like her idol Lea Salonga. At an early age og 16 years old, we learned that she's the breadwinner of the family. She stops going to school and worked as a young singer to private parties and events. She worked really hard to support the financial needs of her grandma and brother with special-needs. The saddest story for Hya is that her mom left them and then her dad passed away. She also won in the Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids contest last Feb 2016. She joined the contest because she frankly answered that she want to fulfill her dreams and get rich in order for her to own an iPhone.

Jayden(9 yrs old) The youngest of the group and from Cebu, she said that her dreams is to be the President of the Philippines this 2025. 

Liana (15yrs old) Just like other Disney princess that can talk to animals, the girl from Cebu wants to become a Vet in the future.

Sirach (10 yrs old) she learned the basics of cooking from her mother, and because of the big influence to culinary arts, her dream is to be a Chef and opens her own restaurant that she will call it "Dream Country restaurant". I think the food offered by Sirach will give lucky omen to people who will eat it and fulfill their dreams

Stephanie (10 yrs old) alredy joined The Voice Kids back in 2015, this is her 2nd time to be mentored by Lea Salonga, Its an advantage among the other 5 kids,but instead of being a singer like Lea, she dreams to be a TV host or newscaster.

Alexi (12 yrs old) Disney series and movies are all created with drawings and animation. We need more talent to create more visuals art to tell a story and inspire people with Disney visuals. At an early age, Alexi already got the magic hands of talent to draw and create figures and characters from her imagination. She revealed that she wanted to be an animator in the future.
Now you know the 6 princess of the I Dare to Dream contest.

I like to invite you watch the grand concer this March 22, 2017 at the SM MOA Arena, at 8pm. 

Pls watch and see the performance of the 6 princess together with the performance show leaded by the Disney Legend Lea Salonga and together with Aicelle Santos. Erik Sants, Janina Vela, Julie Ann San Jose, KC Concepcion, Morisette, Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos.

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