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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

iKlips Duo from Adam Elements - OTG flash drive for Apple devices


I mentioned in my previous blog post about the new product distributed by Power Mac Center, this small OTG device can now help Apple device users to transfer their media files to a 32 GB or 64 GB iKlips Duo OTG device that is designed by Adam Elements.

The only thing that can work are the Apple devices with Lightning cable slot. I was excited for this, but then I have with me is my old iPhone 4S that uses the old charging dock connector, so its too bad for me that I need to upgrade my phone and shift to a Lightning charging slot.

At the field test of the iKlips Duo inside the event grounds of the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, we got a chance to try it and was loan by an iPod touch 6 to use it with the iKlips Duo

iKlips Duo+_IMG 1

here's the price guide, all iKlips Duo products are available only at Power Mac Center

iKlips Duo 32GB (Grey/Black, Gold/Brown, Rose Gold) - PHP 4,650.00
iKlips Duo 64GB (Grey/Black, Gold/Brown, Rose Gold) - PHP 6,700.00
iKlips Duo+ 32GB (Purple, Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Black) - PHP 4,450.00
iKlips Duo+ 64GB (Purple, Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Black) - PHP 6,050.00

The iKlips Duo+ are the one that I uses, its a metallic OTG USB flash drive with Lightning and USB port connector.

While the iKlips Duo is a much larger version with rubber cover for the USB port

ADAM elements iKlips Duo Plus Gold - 001

To use the iKlips Duo, you must first download the iKlips app from the iTunes store. You need to use the app to access your folder and the OTG device.

You can multiple select some files or folders and transfer copy or move it to your iKlips Duo device.
Then you can transfer your files to any laptop with USB slots.

ADAM elements iKlips Duo Gold - 003

Its so easy and so fast to use it.
I didn;t even encounter any problem in transferring my hot air balloon photos from the iPod Touch 6 to a laptop.


iKlips Duo+


Transferring some photos to my iKlips Duo+


Closer look


While at the dusty ground of the event, we transferred the file so quickly


iKlips Duo are from Adam Elements, and these products are available only at Power Mac Center

Below are some products of Adam Elements that are also available at Power Mac Center


PeAk lightning cables are made of high quality nylon fiber with metallic braiding, making them resistant to bending and not easily tangled. The precision cut aluminum connector-shells meanwhile make the PeAk more durable and sturdier than normal lightning cables. In fact, they’re seriously that tough that a one-year warranty is being offered, allowing patrons to get a free replacement should the PeAk cable break.



Peak Duo Braided Cable 20cm (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) - PHP 1,000.00
Peak Duo Braided Cable 1.2M (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) - PHP 1,390.00
Peak Braided Lightning Cable 1.2M (Grey, Gold, Red, Rose Gold) - PHP 1,100.00
Peak Braided Lightning Cable 2M (Grey, Gold, Red) - PHP 1,700.00
Peak Braided Lightning Cable 3M (Grey, Gold, Red) - PHP 1,900.00





CASA USB Type-C line of cables and adapters perfect for the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2, and the standards of tomorrow. The revolutionary USB Type-C is reversible and supports speeds for quick content transfers on a plug-and-play basis ─ less hassle, more productivity.

The CASA series is built with premium materials and precision engineering, making it great for everyday use and fully compatible to the latest USB Type-C laptops and devices. There’s an extra-long CASA sync and charging cable; an adapter for an external VGA display or projector suited for presentations or extending your desktop to a two-screen setup; and an HDMI adapter to get your sports, movies, music, and TV on an even bigger screen, perfect for sharing experiences.


M2 Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter (Silver) - PHP 1,550.00
M1 Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter (Silver) - PHP 1,300.00
M3 HDMI to VGA Adapter (Silver) - PHP 1,300.00
CASA V01 USB C to VGA Adapter (Gold) - PHP 1,950.00
CASA H01 USB C to HDMI Adapter (Gold) - PHP 2,100.00
USB C to USB Adapter (Gold) - PHP 1,300.00
CASA B200 USB C to USB C Cable (Gold) - PHP 1,100.00

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