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Thursday, March 02, 2017

#LoveScotch Festival for Feb-March 2017 - enjoy a Scotch without rules and boundaries


The number one rule to enjoy the world's favorite whisky is to enjoy a glass of scotch with no rules. That's the thing that I've learned when I joined a day of Scotch whisky appreciation in Oto bar in Makati City.

I went there just to learn how to enjoy drinking a Scotch whisky, I'm not a heavy drinker, but attending this session might be able to help me be a convert and learn how to drink it and appreciate its taste.

The number one rule for me is to taste it, enjoy it and not force myself in gulping it straight to my throat, just like others did whenever there's a drinking session with family and friends. Its funny to see that some people are like that, they drink and gulp a Scotch whisky but never appreciate its taste. And I dont want to be like them, that's why I dodge a glass of whisky and prefer of drinking some beer or a cognac, which I loved because of its taste.

Festival Guide_page1

The gathering in Oto Bar is organized by Diageo Philippines, the distributor of Johnnie Walker and other Scotch whisky brands here in the Philippines. They promote that on Feb 8-March 15, 2017 is the month fo the International Scotch Day or #LoveScotch Festival, its a global movement and event to celebrate the world's favorite whisky and get the entire world talking, thinking and drinking Scotch and learn that Scotch originates in Scotland.

#LoveScotch Festival bar events was scheduled last Feb and the next is on March 3 at Curator
Visit the FB page of Johnnie Walker Philippines to know the next events for #LoveScotch

Festival Guide_page 2

Here's a short guide on how you can enjoy a glass of Scotch and select a Scotch whisky brand that is perfect for your mood.

Usually, we hear..Scotch on the rocks on any movies and tv series. I always hear that from any bar, but I dont even try it because I just stick to beer and some nice cognac. But after learning the ways of the Scotch,  I found the flavor that is perfect for me.


Ewan Gunn, Diageo's Master of Whisky leading the Scotch Whisky Master Class in Oto Bar


1. Neat
30ml (a shot) of Johnnie Walker Black Label 

2. On-the-rocks
30ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label with ice

3. Johnnie soda or ginger
30ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 
120ml or top with clear soda or gingerale 

4. Johnnie Sour 
30 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
15ml sugar syrup ( equal parts sugar and water)
15ml lemon juice
Shaken and topped with ice

5. Johnnie Apple
30 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
120ml or top with apple juice 
Apple slices optional
So I learned here that Johnnie Walker Black Label is too hard for me, the smell of it reminds me my drunk uncles hahahah.

But tasting the other whisky, I love the taste of Johnnie Walker Gold Label and the Singleton whisky


Diageo Philippines' General Manager Vanee Gosiengfiao, Master of Whisky Ewan Gunn and Diageo Reserve brand ambassador Rian Asiddao


During the Whisky appreciation session, we started to get to know the aroma and scent of the three kinds of whisky,

1. Johnnie Walker Black Label - The iconic blend gives a very strong aroma, makes me recall how my drunken uncle smells after a drinking session at home
2. Johnnie Walker Gold Label - Known as the celebration blend, has a lighter and gentle aroma, a kind that is perfect for me
3. The Singleton 12 year old - Its light and smooth and taste good like the gold label


Here's how I enjoy my Scotch Whisky... drink and cheers with a friend


And have a nice conversation with a pretty lady at the whisky appreciation event. Also reveals that all in the table are not whisky drinkers. Awesome! haha


Scotch whisky is also best to pair with food  like bacons, foie gras, ham, cold cuts, salami and some milky cheese.

Oh my goodness, I wish all bars in Manila can offer a foie gras (with a cheaper price)


Johnnie Walker Black Label


Johnnie Walker Gold Label


The Singleton 12 Year old


Ewan Gunn also taught us how to make our own Scotch whisky cocktails.

Here's an apple Johnnie Apple
recipe: Johnnie Walker Black, top with apple juice and apple fruit slices


And the Johnnie Ginger
recipe: Johnnie Walker Black, top with Gingerale on the rocks

I love the taste of the apple -- its sweet with some whisky kick
But I love to stick forever to a glass of Johnnie Ginger, there's some fizz on it and also mild whisky kick.


Oto bar barista pours some Black Label for my Johnnie Ginger


Barista pours apple juice on my Johnnie Apple


Now I learned the taste and how to enjoy a glass of whisky. I think this session is a good experience for adulting haha.

Know your drink better, so that you'll enjoy it any way its being prepared.


#LoveScotch is having their 2 year old festival, so better grab one and raise your glass to commemorate the world's favorite whisky.

Scotch all the way!
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