Paradise Dynasty restaurant in S Maison, Conrad Manila - taste here the 8 colored xiao long bao


Paradise Dynasty of Singapore opened its 8th country branch here in the Philippines, and the most popular food here is the 8 colored xiao long bao. They are the first in the world to introduce a different kind of xiao long bao, a kind of steamed bun with meat and soup inside, its a street food from Shanghai but here here Paradise Dynasty the xiao long bao leveled up to be serve in a luxury dining with very affordable price.

Paradise Dynasty Philippines branch is located at the 2nd level of S Maison in Conrad Manila, a new luxury mall located with the area of Conrad Hotel in SM Mall of Asia.


I was here few weeks ago with my wife for a taste and try and also to explore what Paradise Dynasty can offer.

I'm not aware of the 8 colored xiao long bao, at first I thought they were just a colorful design, but during the food trip, it reveals that in each color there's a special flavor inside that is not available in your ordinary xiao long bao.


Reading the sub title -- Legend of Xiao Long Bao, makes a foodie in me go excited because, hearing the word - legendary, its very unusual and makes you go think, what's so special about it? its just a  colored dimsum


Inside Paradise Dynasty restaurant in S Maison is embedded with luxury on their resto set up,  table, chairs and interiors.


Looking at the glass wall window, is a perfect panoramic view of the MOA by the bay. Sunset viewing is a FREE offering by Paradise Dynasty. And we're happy to know that with their luxury fine dining set up they can still offer food with affordable rates.

Dimsum are around PHP200+ and the noodles are PHP230+ up
So affordable...this will be my next hiding place whenever Im in SM MOA.


Also take a look at the price of their colored Xiao long bao
Its only PHP 388 for 8 pcs. And take note, the ingredients on each Xiao long bao is expensive, but still all are priced for a nice package.


Dimsum lovers don't dare miss this. After the taste and try session, we already booked a visit this coming weekend and we're so excited to try again those colored xiao long bao that are also known as
Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao.


Photos of their menu, just click the photo to view it


Radish Pastry
PHP 138 (3pcs)

The Radish Pastry is served really hot.. no added fancy ingredients, but its 100 percent radish.
It looks like your ordinary croissant, but taking a bite will release a juicy and flavorful radish


If you plan to take a bite after serving, I suggest you cut it in half to release the hot steam
Napaso ako grabe when I took a bite, but its so good and addicting.


Signature Original Xiao Long Bao
PHP 188 (6 pcs)
PHP 298 (10 pcs)

Original versions of xiao long bao is also a popular dish here in Paradise Dynasty, always served hot and must eat it before it cools down. The soup and meat inside is good while its hot.

How to eat it?
1. Use your chopsticks to carefully transfer the xiao long bao to your soup spoon
2. Dip it into your special sauce with ginger strips
3. Take a bite of the top portion of the xiao long bao
4. Sip the soup inside
5. If the soup is gone, then you take a bite of the rest of the xiao long bao


Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 flavors)
PHP 388 (8pcs)

The star of Paradise Dynasty!

Here are the color coding of the special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

Brown - Garlic
Green - Ginseng
Orange - Foei Gras
Grey- Szechuan
Yellow - Cheese
Orange - Crab Roe
Black - Black Truffle

You can also order them for 6 pcs and 10 pcs

The tip in tasting the colored xiao long bao is to taste the original first, then the light colored up to the darkest colored xiao long bao.


My xiao long bao dip
- sauce or vinegar and some strips of ginger


Just dip it, suck the soup on top and then bite!


Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Bun
PHP 138 (3 pcs)

The Pan fried Shangha Pork Bun is like your deep fried Xiao long bao, the difference is that its a lot more bigger and the bun can store a lot of soup.

Eat it the same way you eat your xiao long bao


Chilled Jellyfish and seafood in vinaigrette
PHP 250

You thought that its a slimy meal, no its not. Its crunchy and added with shredded green mangoes and vinaigrette to add some sour combo to seafood flavor.


Chilled tofu with century egg
PHP P180

Its cold and best partner for your Szehuan meal. Hhahahaha.
After tasting the chilliest food on our table, this tofu with century egg saved my day to survive


Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates
PHP 230

It can serve as a dessert or your appetizer.
Chewy and soft. Sweet and it taste like a miniaturize suman


Scrambled egg white with fish and conpoy
PHP 328

It taste like a nido soup


But after mixing the vinaigrette and egg, it reminds me of that soft boiled egg of Ya Kun Kaya.


Stir-fried beef with Kai Lan
PHP 388


Stir fried La Mian with shredded pork and black fungus
PHP 238

I loved the taste of this noodles, It reminds me of that Indian cook who prepared my noodles in the streets of Malaysia. But minus the salty and umami flavor.

Paradise Dynasty's Stir freid La mian is cooked with lots of veggies, pork and black fungus.


Spicy Szechuab Crispy Chicken
PHP 298

Chili kick in every bite, but not so chili. The large chilis on the plate can scare you, but if you taste it, you'll enjoy a crunchy crunch of chicken plus a mild chili flavor.


Dynasty Crispy Chicken
PHP 298


Glutinous rice ball topped with grated nuts
PHP 138 (4pcs)

Para syang mochi...


Poached beef in Szechuan chili oil
PHP 688

The last food in our table, I didn't expected that they have this kind of Szechuan meal. I encountered the same food years ago in a resto specialized in Hunan cuisine. This is a real Hunan cuisine and Im glad that the chili level is only medium.

It contains a lot of pig's innard and meat.  and also chili.


Its super hot.... I super enjoyed it, but make sure you have a cold drink near you to cool you down after a lot of sip and chew



Me and my wife enjoyed the food tasting at Paradise Dynasty, its a new discovery for us , because we always visit Conrad Manila whenever we are in SM MOA. Its quiet and lesser crowd, we love the place because of it.

We tried several restos there and its a surprise for us that there's a new resto opened like Paradise Dynasty


thanks also sir Jonathan for the talk and introducing to us the food at Paradise Dynasty


We can't get over...because of the affordable price and the taste of their food
See you this Saturday Paradise Dynasty!!! be ready because I will raid your noodles!


Paradise Dynasty
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2/L, S Maison at the Conrad, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City