Suy Foods offers Halal-certified chicken tocino, longganisa and rolls in PH market


Halal preparation for the food is practiced by our Muslim brothers, they bless the animal before slaughtering it and process it as a Halal food for them. Back in the days, its hard to acquire Hala-certified food because you can only find these in some Muslim communities in Manila.

I've encountered a hotel before that offers Hala-certified food in their buffet and that was my first time to try their Halal-certified food, it tastes good and healthy, because all meat are chicken and beef only and pork is not allowed for the Halal practice.

They say that Halal food are healthy because animals were taken care and feed the right way as it was taught by their Islamic law. And if you have Halal food everyday, you avoid the fatty pork meat and instead you consume chicken and beef only.

As time goes by, we're surprised that Halal-certified food is growing in the market, and I think Suy Foods is the 1st one to enter the mainstream market to offer Halal-certified food for everyone.

Thanks to Mr. Richard for sending a taste and try of their Suy Foods products, I let my wife at home cook it and prepare it. And I'm happy with her review and she says that Suy Foods products like their longgnisa and tocino tastes so good. I think we're shifting to this kind of brand and have to practice eat Halal at home.


Skinless Longganisa Curry flavor


Chicken Rolls


Original skinless longganisa


All o Suy Foods products are made from Chicken, and all of their products are Halal-certified, you can see on the label about their certfication.

They are available in selected branches of Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark, Walter Mart Makati, Sta Lucia East, NCC Mall Davao and Choice Mart.

Here are the list of products of Suy Foods that are now available in the market.

Chicken tocino orig 400g
PHP 113.75

Chicken tocino spicy 400g
PHP 116.75

Chicken tocino curry 400g
PHP 116.75

Chicken tocino teriyaki 400g
PHP 116.75

Skinless longganisa orig 250g
PHP 85.75

Skinless longganisa spanish style  250g
PHP 87.75

Skinless longganisa spicy  250g
PHP 87.75

Skinless longganisa curry  250g PHP 87.75

Smoked longganisa orig  250g PHP 135.75

Smoked longganisa with cheese  250g
PHP 137.75

Chicken rolls orig  250g
PHP 71.75

Chicken rolls with cheese  250g
PHP 73.75

For the price point of ecah of Suy Foods' products, I can say that they are in the affordable price range. I hope that our sari sari store can cater this too, because we have lots of Muslim neighbors here in our village. There are times that I buy some of their food, they make some to sell it to their Muslim communities who have businesses along the national road.


Chicken Tocino


Halal certification logo


Address and contact number of the makers of Suy Foods, feel free to contact them if you have some inquiries.


I think HACCP means Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  of the FDA


Here's our Chicken Tocino from Suy Foods. My wife Lace cooked it for our dinner.


As usual, tocino looked like this. Don't worry its not burnt or cooked well done. Tocino are supposed be cooked thoroughly and this is how our Philippine tocino prepared the right way.


Best served with tomatoes and vinegar!


Happy eating!


Next we tried is the Skinless chicken longganisa
Also, there are spicy versions and its funny that we got caught in a surprised that some of the longganisa version are spicy, so we forgot to read the label, but I can say is that the spicy flavor tastes better than the original ones.


Here's how my wife prepared to cook the longganisa


We know that its a skinless type of longganisa, but my wife prefers to removed the longganisa molding, because we're not sure if its edible.


Frying it


And here's my longganisa for breakfast


For dinner we cooked the spicy longganisa.


Its good ha, in every bite, the spice gets stronger and the tasty chicken meat is soft and juicy.
bitin nga lang in every bite and I observed that I require to eat 2-3 longganisa on my plate haha


Suy Foods and its Halal-certified food are here to stay, I wish that they expand the availability of their products to other market, and also have them create more Halal food.

my wish list:
Halal food in can
Halal food corned beef
Halal food chicken sausage

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