Mobikon's mEngage app for restaurant to listen, engage and offers promo to customers


These days, everything has a mobile app. We have apps for resto menu, food delivery, table reservation, also pay the bill via smartphone and even book a ride home. Most apps are built for business to consumers, because it helps a business to strengthen its brand marketing and it gives a hassle free to customers to access an establishment while mobile.

But if there are B2C apps, then there are also B2B apps that helps businesses like restaurants to monitor the trend stats of customer visits, read feedback of customers, engagement for 24 hours and offer promos by schedule.

Few weeks ago, I joined an app introduction by Mobikon in BGC, here I learned that their company is specialized in app developments for customer engagement and marketing analytics for the F&B industry and one of their popular app products is the Mobikon's mEngage.

In simple way, mEngage is a listening tool and platform for sending message to their customers.

mEngage is an app that helps restaurants to send targeted messages and content to their customers. if a customers tagged the restaurant's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, they can track and engage with them anytime and anywhere whenever they are online. They can send the right messages at the right time and also create campaigns that targets a certain market. There are lots of features offered by mEngange and this can be all accessed through one app in any mobile devices.


The good part is that when you subscribe with Mobikon's mEngage app, you also get an account for your restaurant and a free iPad tablet for you to use it and monitor the behavior of your restaurant's popularity online.

Restaurant owners can also read positive feedback from customers whenever they posted it online and also if there are negative review and comments about the food and service of the restaurant, there's now a way to track it and also engage with the customers to make up for the negative experience, they can also invite them back and try their service again.



Mobikon sounds new here in the Philippines, they just started 2 yeas ago  and they share their services with these local restaurants:
1. Seafood Island
2. Rub
3. Shakeys
4. Project Pie
5. Outback
6. Rue Bourbon
7. Niu by Vikings
8. Conti's

Mobikon is servicing 350 brands with 2400+ outlets in across 9 countries. Their modules and engagement platforms are used in South East Asia and Middle East countries, they also have offices in Singapore, Manila, Malaysia, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Dubai

mEngage platform has already engaged to almost 5 million customers and has tracked 2 million reviews posted by resto customers online.

mEngage can help restos increase their revenue by 5% and 5X ROI, that's what they say, but for businesses who will use Mobikon's product, be sure to have the right people to use the platform in a daily basis in order to get your right target revenue. It doesn't mean that you'll get those increase, but take note that engagement is important whenever online or offline.


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mEngange app includes
- mHub
- mCampaign
- mFeedback
- mOrder
- mReserve
-Birthdays and anniversary
-Frequency builder
-Social share

These features comes all in one platform and each feature can help a resto do its online engagement in one platform.

Its fast and organized and it won't have problem tracking all activities in multiple social media sites.


mEngage also keeps data of your customers and see their frequency of engagement online and also resto visit.


some scenes during the Mobikon event




at the Mobikon event


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or mobile: 0915-8188411

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