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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

National Geographic hits a new milestone to produce fully scripted original series


National Geographic, the
world’s favorite science, history and nature channel is known for delivering us a ground breaking information driven content on TV for 20 years, they’ve produce award winning documentaries  and stories that take us anywhere in the world. To better understand each topic and subject, National Geographic did their best in capturing the decisive moments, share the untold story and explain the why and what to us curious minds.

In this age of digital content, social media and user generated content, we hunger for more information and we look for more content creators to tell a new story, a different story or something that can entertain us while we learn something new.  That’s what National Geographic is doing today,for the 1st time ever, they produced a fully scripted series titled “GENIUS” , featuring a star-studded cast and production team to tell life of Albert Einstein.

National Geographic  is on to a new direction in telling stories for TV,  this is a milestone to them as an original content producer, they offer this new fully scripted series to old and new audience and the information included in the story are much based on their research from their archives and credible sources.

GENIUS, an original scripted series of National Geographic started last April 2017 and for the first time ever, we saw through the eyes, think in the brain and felt to be a person known to be the greatest and brilliant mind on Earth, Albert Einstein.

Each episode of GENIUS is a 50 minute non stop story telling and re-enactment of the life of the younger and older Albert Einstein, each episode will take you to wear the shoe of Albert Einstein, and feel what its to be to be curious, and search for an answer on how everything works. National Geographic cinematic treatment makes the series more entertaining and also informative, they’ve add stunning visuals to explain how Albert Einstein figured out the secrets of everything using laws of Physics,  mathematical equation and some teachings of Newton and other great scientist before him.

How on Earth did he formulate his famous theory of relativity, the series GENIUS will show you how a curious young Albert Einstein figured it out, and did you know that last year, February 2016, modern scientist found a proof that gravitational waves in space do exist and makes that Einstein's theory or prediction is really true!

GENIUS also shows some drama and romance about the personal life of Albert Einstein,  even the greatest and brilliant mind has some struggles in life during and before the World War 2. His personal life is well presented in National Geographic’s GENIUS series, we understand that Albert Einstein live in a normal life, he is just like anybody, but his curiosity made him to discover and understand the things that is hard to explain, thus making him to stand out and be respected by the math and science community.

The best part for the GENIUS series is that the development on each character are easy to catch up, There are lots of characters in focus, but in every episode, you’ll get to know them well and sooner you’ll realize that some of those characters are really important to the life of Albert Einstein.  Watch out for the famous lines in every episode, “Curiosity is more important than knowledge”, life lesson and famous quotes are mentioned in the series, something that makes Albert Einstein more iconic in just a few words.

This is the new future of National Geographic, the fully scripted original series "GENIUS"  is just a start, if you are hooked to some online series or a channel that makes the same theme over and over again, then try National Geographic’s take on big budget series that can be watched tailor fit to any age, its an educational, informative, and entertaining with lots of eye candy visuals that makes it more different from other series.

National Geographic's GENIUS is produced by multi Oscar-winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and starring Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein, Johnny Flynn as the young Albert Einstein, Emily Watson as Elsa Einstein and Samantha Colley as Mileva Marić.

GENIUS  series airs every Wednesday at 8PM only at National Geographic.

Johnny Flynn as the young Albert Einstein


Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein


Johnny Flynn as the young Albert EinsteinSamantha Colley as Mileva Marić


Geoffrey Rush as Albert EinsteinEmily Watson as Elsa Einstein 


Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein

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