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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

OPPO F3 camera phone - the new star of smartphones with dual selfie camera


Hi everyone! Im really sorry that my blog updates are so late -- because I was so busy with many travels and also been enjoying too much using my OPPO F3 Plus, a new camera phone that was launch months ago, its  a new camera phone revolution from OPPO, the new tech here is that they've added the dual camera lens at the front and not in the rear side, which some smartphone brands do--- some brands just do it for the bokeh shots, but for OPPO, their version for the dual camera technology is to provide a better group selfie shots!

OPPO is known as the Selfie Expert when it comes to camera phones, but then few weeks ago, they've launched the 2nd wave of new dual selfie camera phone following the OPPO F3 Plus tech trend....last mid May 2017, they presented the OPPO F3 camera phone, a much affordable and downgraded size and battery specs, but still carry the main technology of OPPO's flagship unit from the OPPO F3 Plus.

But I've noticed that there are some special thing about the OPPO F3, not about the size, but its dual selfie camera --- I will discuss that later, but first check out the updates from OPPO Philippines.


Before I show you what's the real deal with their new OPPO F3, check out the news that the OPPO F1s camera phone of 2016 was the top 1 best selling models in the Philippines and I received some news (from blog readers and friends) that the OPPO F1s is still the best and preferred camera phone by Filipinos, right before the launch of OPPO F3 Plus.


Also, another news is that OPPO now sits on the 2nd top Unit Shares and Sales Value in the Philippines. Wow! coming from 3rd place...OPPO climbs up next to the top. They've shared this news and info just to let everyone know that OPPO is doing better in the country.

So guys, here's the new star of smartphones!! the OPPO F3 camera phone that was recently launched last May 13th.


The camera and processor specs are closely the same with the OPPO F3 Plus, the different is that the OPPO F3 is much smaller and have a downgraded battery specs and uses a different processor brand.

OPPO F3 is priced at PHP 16,990, it a good deal already and it serves a good option if you want to be equipped with a a dual selfie camera to take amazing groupfie shots!


Its much smaller than the OPPO F3 Plus, but they have the same thickness, control functions and also camera specs.


OPPO F3 selling point is just like the OPPO F3 Plus' dual camera selfie, it can take a normal selfie shot, a wide angle for groupfie shots, performs bokeh selfie and beautification filters.


OPPO F3 vs. OPPO F3 Plus

The thing that I've observed from the OPPO F3 dual selfie camera is that the color is much more vivid. I'm not sure if its the screen or the camera, but I truly believe that the dual selfie camera specs of the OPPO F3 is much more better in terms of colors.

Look at the comparison of the camera ---  (left) OPPO F3, and (right) OPPO F3 Plus. You'll see the difference that the OPPO F3 Plus' colors for the dual selfie camera is much more less, but if you look at the dual selfie camera of the OPPO F3, its much more lively, warmer and vivid.

A rep from OPPO told me not to compare it,  but I'm convinced that the dual selfie camera specs for the OPPO F3 is much better than the OPPO F3 Plus---- I have to wait for more days to test, review and do a hands on with an OPPO F3, I will post a feedback once I got a unit for reviews.

As for now, let's say, we can't confirm it yet if OPPO F3 performs better than the OPPO F3 Plus.


OPPO invited their roster of celebrity brand ambassadors. Not just one, two or three, but a group of celebrities from different networks -- ABS CBN, GMA and TV5. Perfect group to do a groupfie photo using the OPPO F3

DSC_0495 DSC_0574

DSC_0264 DSC_0347

OPPO Philippines re-introduced once more their top celebrity ambassadors -- ABS CBN's Sarah Geronimo and GMA 7's Alden Richards, both celebrity are top billed from their own mother network, and has a big followings and fans, and The the new roster was followed by more celebs to endorse and promote OPPO F3. I've noticed that there are new and fresh actors on the roster but for the well known celebs I only recognize -- Kris Bernal, Ella, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Gretchen Ho, Robbie Domingo, Max Collins, Apple David, and Bea Binene.

Okay, let's cut the's the tech specs of OPPO F3 camera phone



5.5 inches screen display Full HD IPS TFT (1920 by 1080 pixels)
MediaTek MT6750T Octa-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53
ColorOS 3.0, based on Android 6.0
MaliT86-MP2 GPU
64GB (Expandable up to 128GB)

3200mAh battery (Non-removable)
Multi-touch, Capacitive Screen, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5

Rear camera: 13-megapixel f/2.2
Dual Front camera: 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel, 120°wide angle  f/2.0
Video: 1080p/720p

Dual nano sim, 4G
GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, OTG supported

Fingerprint scan lock/unlock
Body colors available - Gold, Rose Gold
Battery fast charging feature ---NOT AVAILABLE

SRP PHP 16,990


So I was expecting that the size of the OPPO F3 might be the same with the size of the OPPO F1, a slimmer and handy type of an OPPO camera phone, but I'm surprised to see that they release a 5.5 size display for the OPPO F3, a much accepted and preferred by many, for having a bigger screen and also can hold a much larger battery capacity.

Great move for OPPO for upgrading the mid range level of smartphones with embed of the latest technology, a first that you can only see it here in an OPPO F3.


OPPO showcased here how their dual selfie camera works -- just like the OPPO F3 Plus' dual selfie camera, the OPPO F3's dual selfie camera works differently, the two dual lens 16MP and 8MP can take two kinds of selfie --- the 78deg photo is the 16MP front camera, but using the groupfie function the 16MP camera will work with the 8MP camera to deliver a much more WIDE ANGLE front selfie feature, so you get to equipped your OPPO F3 camera phone to shoot a 120deg wide angle selfie, a perfect feature for group selfie shots.


OPPO F3 features a 4GB RAM, a standard size for memory to help the user run lots of multi tasking stuff on their apps or games. I've noticed that 64GB storage is the new norm for OPPO, we're no longer able to see some 16 or 32 GB storage for their F series, or maybe soon, the next trend is that all OPPO can offer 128GB storage.  Having a 64GB storage is big already to store more photo and media files taken by your OPPO F3 or store downloadable content like Netflix and Youtube.


Security features for OPPO F3 is much more better, it also have the finger print unlock scan, for fast and easy operation of your OPPO F3. Take note that you can also use a secondary unlock feature --- the swipe and also the alphanumerical or 4 number pass code.

I've observed that from my OPPO F3 Plus, its really hard to unlock the phone and it doesn't allow you to reformat, reset or delete data on the OPPO camera phone for you to use it again, every setup move requires--- pass code!!!

For me its the most secured device ever (why I know, because I locked myself and forgot my passcode, after 4 hours, I got to access it when I accidentally discovered the passcode)


The best feature of the OPPO F3 is that it can serve 3 cards in one sim tray. Unlike the OPPO F3 Plus, you can only use two at the same time, But Im glad that OPPO figured out and fix a problem, that for their OPPO F3, you can now use 2 SIMs and a Micro SD card in one sim tray.

Good job OPPO!!!


Here's a much closer look of the OPPO F3


OPPO F3 front body and screen
Dual selfie camera


Volume rocker at the left side


Home button and finger print scan
and micro USB charging slot


Power on/off button at the right side


13 MP rear camera with flash
Take note that the metallic body casing is non-removeable.


so there you go guys!!!! OPPO F3
Im excited to try this soon. On my next blog post, I will try to do an unboxing and also review of it and also sample shots of the dual selfie camera, I need to compare it and confirm if the camera specs are better than the OPPO F3 Plus.


Thank you for reading my blog post.
And here's a groupfie photo taken by my OPPO F3 Plus

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