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Friday, May 26, 2017

The special offerings of CABALEN-SM City Bacoor - eat all you can pinoy buffet and merienda


I really like to do this!!! Blogging about Cabalen restaurant branch of SM City Bacoor. If you ask me why I'm so merry about it, because I'm their fan and customer, I visit their branch whenever Im at the mall and plan to eat a merienda and dinner. And for me its like a bold move or a wise move to choose Cabalen, because I noticed before whenever I eat in a fast food, I always exceed to my budget of PHP250, there are times that I pay for around PHP300+ for a meal and it looks expensive already and sometimes Im not happy with my fast food meal.

When Cabalen opened at the top floor of SM City Bacoor, I became their customer in an instant, because the price is a bit lower here in their provincial branch so the eat all you can scheme is just  a PHP298 + tax ( roughly I pay around er...PHP320+)

So instead of paying more to some fast food. Its better that I should pay for that price and enjoy an eat all you can buffet featuring our top favorite local dishes.


Cabalen restaurant in SM Bacoor


Their daily rate for the regular buffet is at PHP 298. Its the lowest rate ever for a provincial branch. In other branches the buffet rate is much more higher because they offer international buffet and meals and the buffet table is much longer and have more food selections.

For Cabalen branches with a PHP 298 buffet rate, expect that the buffet table are all Filipino food.


They also have a merienda rate of PHP 135 + VAT,  diners can pay at this lowest rate and enjoy a buffet table featuring our favorite merienda meals -- arroz caldo, pancit, puto, palitaw, turon and many more.

Take note that the price of soda and other drinks are not included in the buffet rate.
My tip: If you want to save money, just dont order a drink, and request for a drinking water on the table.


All Cabalen branches nationwide gives 50% off to kids who are below 4 feet. They have this giant ruler outside the entrance where the resto staff measure the height of kids.


I was with my blogger friends and Ms. Jam for an early dinner at Cabalen SM Bacoor.
I call out my Cavite blogger friends to join us, but we have Levy and Nicole here who are near the venue and was not busy at that time.


Usually, I spend less than an hour when I dine here at Cabalen, but for our early dinner with blogger friends, I stayed in our dining table for 1 1/2 hours. Wow! Our meal was accompanied by lots of chats and also funny moments --- we taught Levy how to eat the ginataang kuhol and its her first time to try the escargot snail.


Here's the main buffet of Cabalen
All pan features our favorite Filipino food


This is my favorite -- Beef Caldereta
Cabalen cooks the best Caldereta ever! Because its so saucy and tasty and I like the softness of the beef


For Kare Kare, it is also good!
Cabalen's origin is in Pampanga and the province is the culinary capital of our country. If you tasted a good Kare Kare somewhere it means that the cook or chef is from Pampanga.


The coconut golden kuhol is one of the exotic food that is offered here in Cabalen. I see this in rare occasions because its hard to harvest and catch golden kuhol snails. Im glad that the snails here are bigger, tasty and clean.


Sadness, I forgot to taste this.


Lechon Paksiw
One customer smiled and said that the food is too oily,  I told her its okay, because the ingredients is all pork and we know that all pork meat produces oil.

Mas marami oil...masarap haha


I think this one is a chicken adobo


Ginataang Langka




Pancit Sotanghon


Bringhe rice


Krispy Kang Kong leaves..... yata?


Veggies from the Lumpia hubad


At the seafood corner of Cabalen


Grilled fish - tilapia and bangus


They also have Sisig - bangus, pork, chicken and tofu
You can order and have the staff prepare it for you


Fried chicken


This is my favorite!!!
Tapang Kalabaw!

One of the reason why I visit Cabalen is that I super love their Tapang Kalabaw. Its like a tocino with kick of sweet and sour flavor and the taste and softness of the Carabao meat is something that you can't eat in a regular household here in Manila or Cavite.


Last Mother's Day they introduced their new food - the Pritchon wrap.
You get a piece of the crispy Pritchon meat and wrap it with an egg wrapper, then you add some veggies or other meat and then you close it, add some sauce and then eat it.


And here's the special thing here at Cabalen SM Bacoor. We learned that this branch is the only branch to offer fresh Oyster and Tahong!

Yes, you read it right.... Because Cavite is the oyster and tahong center in Luzon, we have lots of this here!


And Im surprised that they got a lot of load of tahong! You can get some and ask the waiter to steam it or grill it. Or you can eat the Oyster fresh.

Take note that you should have a full stomach


Cabalen also offers their vegetable salad buffet.
Perfect for vegetarian and veggie lovers.


They also have Lato seaweeds.
Which is not available in other Cabalen branches


For their merienda buffet, you can enjoy the all time favorite "kakanin" and fried turon in an eat all you can set up

You can have this for the regular buffet rate of PHP 298 or have it only by paying the merienda buffet rate of PHP 135


Lumpia or turon?
sorry guys, I didn't got a chance to try it hahahaa


Tokwa for your arroz caldo


Minatamis na kamote


Arroz caldo




Ginataan bilo bilo


One of my favorite beverages here in Cabalen is the slush iced sago't gulaman. Its a perfect combo drink for my all Filipino food.

Okay!!! I super love blogging this!! kasi its Cabalen hahahaa, I've visited their other branches in the past and I can say that we're so lucky that their provincial branch in SM Bacoor offers the lowest buffet rate ever!

Im including this in my life hack now, if you have a cash of PHP300+ then go visit Cabalen and enjoy an eat all you can meal for brunch, lunch and dinner!

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