Digital marketing firm Adspark partners with Wootag and Tracx


The world wide web and its digital marketing strategy changes rapidly because of the new trend and technology, and the people using it are increasing in fast number. Big companies who mastered the art of digital marketing and advertising are coming up with lots of ways to track the audience and also how to engage with them fast and easy.

Adspark, a digital marketing solution firm, owned by Globe, is now on a strategic partnership with two international firm - Wootag and Tracx, to help our local company find new solutions in the expanding world of  digital advertising.


Adspark with a new partnership with Wootag and Tracx, they can now offer more service to our local advertising market with better analytics track and report and also an engaging ad network for digital users.

Left to Right: President and CEO of AdSpark Glenn Estrella, Founder and CEO of Wootag Raj Sunder; Managing Director of Tracx APAC Ross Williams, President and CEO of Globe Telecom Ernest Cu.


Managing Director of Tracx APAC Ross Williams explained to us how Tracx's analytics technology can help companies get the right listening tool and a report for their market research.

Ross said that Tracx has the only all in one deep listening tool for the enterprise system. Tracx can help handle all the work flow management and social media management platform.

Tracx will listen to anything posted on social media, even if the social media space is very confusing because of different users and platforms used. Tracx can get the right demographics of users being monitored in social media, but it requires them to listen to users who are publicly posted a content based on the relevant conversation that are needed to track.


CEO of Wootag Raj Sunder showed to us the activity of Wootag in every website that uses their service. Its mainly an advertising ad that displays information through the website and it can allow the web user of the website to do shopping in an instant without visiting the main website of the online site.

Online ads can enable human touch in their video ads through the website and enable interactive engagement to the web surfer.

In the Philippines, there's a 1 Million unique viewers watched in Wootag video, counted on 23 seconds average time.

According to CEO of AdSpark Glenn Estrella --- "We have a vision for a while now,  where will tech bring us today, our ideas 5 years ago is ahead of our time. We knew video and mobile data consumption will grow and never stop. we need partners that are ahead to their game. we make partnership with Wootag and Tracx, to bring us further, in simple things like in video interactivity.

When you see both solutions, not just about the content but its about the conversation, it happens in all social media, not just local geographic network, but its globally,  but sometimes crosses border of life and death.

To help our advertisers to keep that connection with their customers, you don't have to listen but also to respond. Tech will assure us that it will still exist in the next 5 yrs

Anyone can participate with us to help us find more ideas"